And my first contest winner is...

Okay, I rolled the Di tonight on my online MUD (for anyone who's curious what it looks like - basically lot of colored text). Just use that link below to see the not-so-thrilling recorded results. :P

Since you were both on the blog, twitter and FB, I figured you both had 3 entries, so I went with a single 6-sided di roll.

I set Coffee as numbers 1-3, iLag for 4-6. And the roll was...


... yeah, it's probably not exciting enough to warrant all these ellipses, but here's 1 more set:



I've got your email, so I'll shoot you a quick one to confirm the details as I try to gift this game away (I've never done this before so I can't promise my computer won't like, explode or something).

I will also post this comment as an actual post now. :) Thanks again!


  1. Heeey Coffee, congrats on the prize :D Good on you for hosting a good competition, Chalgyr :)

  2. O_O

    Congrats to the lucky winner! I'm sure it was a tense duel with lots of blood, sweat and tears involv... what, a dice roll? Just as well. Enjoy your game, Coffee!

  3. I wonder what game it will be!

  4. rofl@iLag - a virtual dice roll no less. LOL

    @SuperPhillip - this game was Cogs. Turned out I picked up an extra copy when I registered one of my Humble Bundles. :)

  5. Yahooo(NOT the website)!!!! Perhaps this will be the first of many Steam games I play and complete.

    Thanks for hosting the contest Chalgyr, and perhaps next time will be your win iLag!

  6. @coffee

    Just shoot me an email with your steam name and/or email you used to sign up with so I can get you added on there, and I'll try sending it along.


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