Playstation Move - Sports Champions - Playstation 3 Review

The first title we actually purchased for the Playstation Move was Sports Champions. It seems like these sports titles are the preferred introductory experience for these kinds of motion controls. It makes sense really - since sports are often inherently familiar to people and their movements are somewhat easily tracked and translated to video games. The Wii made use of this a couple of times over, first with the system itself and then the introduction of the Wii Plus.

Here are the sports you get:

- Table Tennis
- Volleyball
- Disc Golf
- Gladiator combat
- Archery
- Bocce Ball

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Graphics - 7:

The attempt here is to come up with a more realistic sports entry than the Wii's charming if simplistic sports titles offer. This is both a good and a bad thing as this game looks nice overall, but sometimes animates just a bit stiffly and you see odd graphic pop-in and overlap. I know a lot of people prefer the Wii method, but I can at least appreciate the direction they went in here with Sports Champions and personally prefer the more realistic appearance

Image 2
Sounds & Music - 6:

The music is nice enough, simple and completely forgettable. It doesn't take anything away from the experience, but it adds almost nothing as well. The sounds are very simple, with appreciate thuds, whacks and player noises where needed, but like the music, these sound effects are very simple and do nothing particularly well, if not particularly badly either.

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Gameplay - 8:

The controls generally respond well, and that is the key with a game like this, right? Show off what you can do with familiar controls? I think archery was probably my favorite, tennis my least favorite. My son really liked the gladiator combat, and my daughters were all amused by different sports, if only for a short time.

There is a very nice option to do some of the games like archery and gladiator combat with two motion controllers. It is not required, which is great for families with only one Move controller, but I won two in the contest and was able to sample out both methods and did find that two controllers was better.

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Intangibles - 7:

There are not a ton of sports to be had here, but there is a fair amount of depth in trying to master them. There are also quite a few different types of rounds and to unlock everything would take an incredible amount of time. With different sports, everyone's interests and mileage will vary. We also benefited from having two Move controllers, because we could take part in multiplayer, which made things a bit more fun.

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Overall 7:

These types of sports games with motion controls often feel like dressed up tech demos, and honestly Sports Champions does very little to change my opinion on this. That said, it feels like a fairly polished and successful demonstration that entertains, if not for a terribly long time. The events are probably not all going to be for everyone, but for the most part they are well enough done that you should find at least a few different types of sports to keep you busy for awhile.



  1. I played this one. I played a good number of rounds of table tennis, one or two gladiator matches, and that was pretty much it. I watched a friend play volleyball, and he seemed to be having fun with it...but I just couldn't get into the game.
    My mom tried to play table tennis, but she could never figure it out; and I had to keep showing her how to do it...but she never really figured it out.

    Perhaps I owned the game, and didn't have it as a "borrow", I would have put more time in it...either way, as I have said before(somewhere), the reason I'm interested in Sony's Move setup, is for FPS games...but the Navigation controller lacking a gyroscope to sense "shaking" really bums me out; and I'm still trying to finish my "resolution", so no Sony Move set for me anytime soon.

  2. Yeah, it was interesting to see how this title went over, because we had the two Wii sports games that my kids all played quite a bit of, and my wife played some of. My wife never touched this game, and my oldest kid hardly touched it. My son played it the most, especially the gladiator one. I did prefer using the 2 move controllers for the 3 games that supported it - especially the gladiator one. Decent options, but the depth felt a bit lacking to me. It was a good demonstration of what the system could do, but like you I'd probably have enjoyed FPS more with it. More Move stuff forthcoming though! Thanks for checking in!


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