Wild Americas: Steam Next Fest, Free Demo

Wild Americas, an indie title from Upsetter Studios, has been selected as part of Steam's Next Fest, June 10-17!

The demo will be free to play, so check out our Steam page!

A live gameplay session will take place with Q&A for any gamers who want to know just how awesome we plan to make Wild Americas.

Created by a team of 3, this action-adventure, 3rd person shooter is a handcrafted thing of beauty. Creator Matt Bruns had this to say. 
"We want to be as transparent as possible with our gamers about Early Access, and the planned evolution of the game and IP. Our intention is to build long term relationships with our gamers, as Wild Americas continues its evolution."
Early Access, June 18, "Our $5 Early Access provides a large, open-world area to explore, hunt, scan and survive. I am excited for you to step into the boots of a GeoCorp Geologist and explore the hills, valleys, caves, and tunnels created.”


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Article by: Susan N.



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