Halo-like game RELIC ODYSSEY Exits Early Access in Q2!

RELIC ODYSSEY: Ruins of Xantao


Engine: Unity

Rendering Pipeline: Built-in

Visual Style: Semi-Realistic

Genre: Sci-fi - FPS - Action - Adventure

Status: Q2 out of Early Access and works on the Steam Deck

Honour Bound Games Studio, Inc.  


Follow Samuel, Sarah, and Clunky, on a perilous journey through Relic Odyssey: Ruins of Xantao. Brace yourself as you confront alien creatures, ruthless smugglers, and the enigmatic "Collector" - a madman who will stop at nothing to obtain the power hidden within the ruins of Xantao. Fight, drill for resources, build your own base, search for ancient relics, craft weapons, gadgets, and upgrades.

Game world:

Samuel and Sarah arrive on Valtar, a planet with hostile deserts, scary abandoned laboratories, and intricate tunnel systems leading to subterranean lairs. Acting in first person as Sam alongside his companion Sarah and their sidekick Clunky, you'll explore a diverse mix of hand-crafted and procedurally generated areas.


Similar games:

●     Subnautica: We take a unique spin compared to Subnautica by exploring underground and not in the water with our digging rig and the tunnels you uncover to venture through.

●     Astroneer: The key difference is our semi-realistic art style vs. their stylized art style. In Astroneer you explore multiple planets with little story-telling while in ours you explore one planet with a story inter-connecting each place.

●     Deep Rock Galactic:  Although we both center our exploration underground. Ours stands out from Deep Rock Galatic’s digging with guns, through digging tunnels with our digging rig.


Gameplay pillars:

1.    Exploration and Discovery

●     Traverse a hostile alien planet and uncover the secrets of its former inhabitants, the Xantao civilization.

●     Navigate through diverse terrains with your digging rig.

●     Collect valuable relics imbued with unique powers and abilities.

●     Craft and manage survival essentials using gathered materials.

2.    Adventure and Combat

●     Investigate the mysterious disappearance of researchers who recently settled on the planet and the smugglers looking to exploit the planet's resources.

●     Equip yourself with advanced weaponry and gadgets that manipulate physics.

●     Build defenses and customize your base to fend off invasions of enemies.



●     Unique gloves abilities: Scan for enemies and resources using your POWERED GLOVES! Push and pull enemies! Upgrade your glove to unlock more special abilities.

●     Digging rig: Drill down tunnels searching for the long-lost city of Xantao or find lairs of beasts! Upgrade your Digging RIG with rare resources to dig deeper!

●     Collect and craft: Collect resources to CRAFT new weapons and upgrades after you unlock them through your research station.

●     Combat: Fight off creatures using an array of weapons and gadgets! Upgrade your suit and your weapons to do more damage and defeat stronger enemies.

●     Generated levels: Explore through generated tunnel levels. Encounter unique enemies and bosses. Dodge deadly traps. Find various rewards and crafting materials.



●     Samuel: Captain Samuel Hunt, a skilled combatant and explorer, commands his ship with a passion for uncovering ancient ruins. Inheriting his adventurous spirit and pride from his father, Samuel takes responsibility for protecting his companion, Sarah.

●     Sarah: Sarah Asadi, a recent graduate in Mechanical Engineering & Technology with a minor in Planetary Geology, is Samuel's trusted assistant and ship engineer. She brings extensive knowledge to their cosmic adventures, playing a vital role in ship upgrades.

●     Clunky: Clunky, the witty and clumsy robot discovered in the Xantao Ruins, delivers humor with quick remarks and wordplay. He fights alongside the player and helps gather resources.

●     Jaxon: Jaxon, a bold and rebellious alien hybrid, is a top-tier smuggler working for the enigmatic Collector. Known for his shocking and antagonistic nature, Jaxon excels in piloting with bravery and quick reflexes. Born on a Mars mining colony, his disdain for authority led him to a life of independence.

●     The Collector: The ruthless Collector, driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, controls a sky base and bandit camp. Betraying the Orion Archaeological Order, he sends Jaxon to do his dirty work.



●     Orion Archeological Order & Orion Guardian Corps: The Orion Archeological Order establishes partnerships, safeguards relics, conducts research, disseminates knowledge, and manages resources. The Orion Guardian Corp protects personnel and assets, provides military expertise, and ensures legal compliance.

●     Lost Civilization Of Xantao: The Lost Civilization of Xantao's relic houses souls and knowledge, guarded from evil. Sarah believes the souls reside within, akin to initial findings. Samuel and Sarah aim to secure the relic, thwarting The Collector's grasp.

●     Talendromeus Race: Monstrous race of creatures inhabiting the depths of the earth. Surfacing to find prey and feed. They are the invading forces that forced the Xantao Civilisation to retreat into an alternate universe in order to survive.

●     The Collector And Smuggling Syndicate: The bandit base is run by a ruthless leader working for The Collector. This leader has a massive creature chained up and takes pleasure in tormenting anyone who comes against him. The base is full of criminals of various alien races and is uninviting.


Honour Bound Games Studio, Inc.


Article by: Susan N.



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