Adventure Game 'Life Bubble' Releasing on Nintendo Switch April 26th!

April 24th - Warsaw, Poland | QubicGames has announced that Life Bubble by Homa will be released for the Nintendo Switch on April 26.
Developer: Homa
Publisher: QubicGames

Official eShop Description:

Embark on an exciting journey to explore new planets, collect valuable resources, and rescue lost astronauts!
Your mission is to expand your life bubble across the planet and repair your ship to continue your adventure into the unknown!
Chop wood, mine colorful crystals or diamonds, and use them to rebuild machines and bridges that will help you expand your life bubble area! Every construction needs specific raw materials, so search for their deposits and get to work!
Complete missions or sell resources you don't need to buy characters and machine upgrades. Improve your abilities and tools to explore the planet fully prepared!


  • Travel through beautiful and mysterious planets, each with unique resources and terrains
  • collect valuable raw materials to rebuild machines and bridges
  • explore different areas and expand your life bubble over places where it is impossible to survive!
  • buy various character upgrades: bag, speed, life, tools, and power
  • buy machine upgrades to increase its storage capacity
  • fight enemies with your power weapon
  • complete missions for extra money!
Be ready for obstacles along the way. Enemies are out to conquer your tiny universe. Protect your life, bubble miniature world, and fight back like a true space cowboy!
Prepare yourself for a unique and unforgettable space adventure!

About Homa

Homa is a gaming technology lab that gives game creators the data-driven tools and human expertise needed to turn their creative ideas into commercial hits. By smashing the odds with data, Homa is the cheat code supercharging developer fortunes. It’s a full-on game changer for game makers. Homa is on a mission to take over the gaming industry by giving creators the data to transform their ideas into games played and money made.
Article by: Susan N.


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