Mech Engineer Exits Early Access!

Mech Engineer is a mech lover’s dream come true: you will oversee every aspect of your squad's operation, from optimizing the reactors to fine-tuning weapons systems. The balance of weight, energy, and heat must be carefully monitored to ensure maximum efficiency.

The skills and emotional state of each pilot also play an important role, along with the effective management of your base and resources. You will deploy your finely calibrated and tuned machines onto missions, where your split-second decisions during semi-auto battles against a mutating alien bio-weapon will mean life or death.

1.0 New content

For 1.0 Mech Engineer now sports voiceovers for the mech pilots and several new localizations: French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, and Chinese. Russian was already implemented during Early Access.


"One of the most unique games on Steam"

63 Updates during Early Access

Over three years of development, the game received 63 updates and evolved into the love letter for Mech lovers that it is today. Here is a brief rundown:
  • Persistent Destruction
  • Steam Achievements
  • 220 Map Variations
  • New Terrain + Caves
  • Giant Roaming Bosses
  • Pathfinding 2.0
  • 8 Mech Squads
  • Ability to create huge weapon variants
  • New Research Nodes
  • New Sound FX
  • Balance + Difficulty Tweaks
  • + Much More

Mech Engineer Key Features
  • Deep and detailed management of mechs engineering including reactors, cooling, weight, and heat/energy
  • Configure and fine-tune weapons and mods through testing and ballistic simulation
  • Squad management down to individual stress levels, training, and stats
  • Manage your base repairing and upgrading its sectors and giving tasks to engineers and scientists on a day-by-day basis
  • Research components and upgrades through a full-fledged tech-tree
  • Scavenge and use different resources to repair and upgrade your mech
  • Real-time pausable missions that mix auto-battling and move commands from the player
  • Unique analog ‘80s retro-style interface

MicroProse, founded in 1982, is a world-famous simulation software company known for developing groundbreaking, classics and cult titles like, the Falcon, F15 Strike Eagle, Silent Service, Gunship, Grand Prix, Civilization, B-17 The Mighty Eighth, and X-COM series and many more simulation products that sold millions of copies each at retail.

Today, MicroProse is not only remaking select classics from its past but also paving the road to next-generation, state of the art games that will create the memories and experiences of the demanding new generations of gamers. 
Article by: Susan N.



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