New Bullet Hell Available as a Demo on Steam!

Zurich, Switzerland - May 9, 2024 – David Stark and Metaroot have revealed the brotatolike Airships: Lost Flotilla. A demo is now available on Steam for Windows and Linux. Fight your way through waves of enemies on your way to a safe harbour. Destroy your foes, harvest wreckage, and upgrade your ship.

Engage enemies with different attack patterns and abilities. Fight massive boss monsters that require cunning and firepower to defeat.

Pick the slow but powerful Battleship, the nimble Copter, or the Science Vessel with its railgun and energy shield. Build a strategy around their strengths and weaknesses. Don’t feel the need to ever stop? The Megaplane will suit you. Want to build a mighty fleet? Start with the Flagship.

Improve your ship with training for your crew, more armor plating, or senior officers. Pick a doctrine to gain its advantages: terrify your enemies, dodge incoming attacks, make your money through trade. Find powerful combinations that lay waste to your enemies.

Unlock captains for your ship that give you powerful advantages and disadvantages and change the rules of your game.

Temples and monoliths as well as more familiar ports float in the skies, changing the game rules in parts of the map. Disadvantage your enemies and boost your abilities with careful positioning.

About David Stark

David Stark is an indie game developer from Zurich, where he lives with his partners and two orange cats. He's known for Airships: Conquer the Skies, a cult steampunk real-time strategy game. Apart from making games, he co-founded and co-organises Swiss Game Hub, an incubator for Swiss game developers. In his copious free time, he reads history books and makes pottery.

About Metaroot

Metaroot is a small publisher and marketing agency based in Zurich, Switzerland. Metaroot has published the nature simulation city builder "Of Life and Land" and will publish the brotatolike "Airships: Lost Flotilla" and the city builder roguelike "AUTARKIS".

    Article by: Susan N.



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