We Dig Games Partners Up As A Publisher With MythicOwl!

Warsaw, 12th of May 2023 – We Dig Games, company responsible for creation and publishing “Hamster Playground” became a dedicated indie publisher label. Warsaw-based company decided to shift towards publishing and cooperation with small Indie gamedev teams from around the world to deliver high quality games for PC and consoles.

‘We will work with our second team in Mass Creation and take care of the publishing duty of company’s new and upcoming games.  Mass Creation will also take over the development of Hamster Playground’ – says Michał Azarewicz, Publishing Manager at We Dig Games.

Publisher signed a publishing deal with MythicOwl for “Harmony’s Odyssey” and “Hexologic” for Playstation 4/5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series S|X.

‘We are very happy and thrilled to work with MythicOwl. Our business understanding and expectations regarding those two titles are similar, and both companies agree on what we would like to achieve. The team at MythicOwl understand our philosophy and our business approach to the titles we are interested in publishing’ – says Azarewicz.

‘We Dig Games and Mass Creation teams have been known to us for some time, and we are certain they are more than capable as developers and have extensive self-publishing experience. When they approached us with the proposal, we listened, as their approach was very honest regarding business side when it comes to relations between developers and publisher. We knew this would be a great start of a long-term relationship” – says Michał Kamiński, PR & Marketing Manager at MythicOwl.

We Dig Games will be able to serve as a partner and advisor with all kinds of services required by developers: from QA, localisation, marketing, and product management all the way to funding.

“Our philosophy is to publish good, polished, and interesting small games from small teams, and solo devs. And take care of those titles properly after launch regarding product management. As we come from the development background, we understand developers’ needs; after all, we know what sort of support and help we would expect from a potential publisher.” – says Azarewicz.


A passionate team of developers who have over 10 years of experience in the industry and always decided to take the high-road of self-publishing, earning a great deal of insight into both the perspective of a creator and publisher.

While the label itself may be fresh, behind it there is an extensive know-how and knowledge of business and sales – all that on top of our development capabilities. For years we have been handling all things related to making and releasing games by ourselves, on all major consoles and PC, and we’re willing to give you a hand, no matter what you may need help with – including funding.

As we come from the development background, we can understand your needs; after all, we know what sort of support and help we would expect from a potential publisher.


An indie development and publishing company from Warsaw, Poland. Creators of award-winning puzzle games that value players time and provide meaningful, creative experiences. Specialized in positive, family-friendly entertainment and reaching players all around the world regardless of their age or spoken language.

We Dig Games - Useful Links:

Website: www.wediggames.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeDigGames/
We Dig Games on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeDigGames
Hamster Playground [Steam]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1442670/Hamster_Playground/
Hamster Playground [Trailer]: https://youtu.be/dmJqRCIvG6c

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