Silicon City Releasing On Steam June 22!

Annecy - France, April 26, 2023 – The studio Polycorne announces the release of Silicon City for June 22nd, 2023. Available in early access since October 2021, Silicon City is a fresh and innovative perspective on the classic city-building genre, where every citizen matters and has a say.
As the mayor of a new city, you are in charge of its overall development and you can rely on modern tools to make it pleasant for your citizens and get re-elected.

The Importance of Silizens

In Silicon City, the citizens are called Silizens, and they are all unique and each of them has their own needs, feelings, opinions, and votes. Observe their daily behavior, study their personal profiles, and interact with them via Bakr, Silicon City's Twitter-like social network.

The Silizens will not hesitate to share their needs, contentment, and resentment with your urban development policy. The attractiveness of your city and the well-being of your citizens are the keys to your re-election, while not listening to your Silizens will generate protests and may cost you your job.

Buildings and Procedural Generation

Over 50 building types are available in Silicon City. Whether built by the player or by citizens, the houses, stores, offices, and utility buildings where your citizens can live and work are procedurally generated, offering unique creativity to the look of your neighborhoods and your city.

Modern Views of the Data

Silicon City offers several styles of camera views as a tribute to the classic city-builder genre of the 80s and 90s. However, as a modern mayor, you have access to modern visualization tools that are very useful to develop your city and make your citizens happy.

You can analyze land values, optimize your electrical network, develop your neighborhoods following their residential and professional occupancy rates, plan traffic flows, and many other major actions to be taken thanks to the availability of this data. Access to these many layers of data allows the player to become a great urbanist by linking the macro and micro-management of the city.

About Polycorne Games

Polycorne Games is an indie video games studio from Annecy. We put gameplay innovation at the heart of our projects. We encourage creativity within our team to produce a unique gaming experience. We were born gamers and have a real passion for video games and their mechanics. Polycorne shares these values by contributing to management game projects with innovative concepts.
Article by: Susan N.


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