to Release an All-in-One Bundle for the Nintendo Switch on May 27th!

Warsaw - May 19th, 2023

We're a niche publishing label focused solely on games that tell important or emotionally-engaging stories, or explore new gameplay/artistic a nutshell, titles that give more than entertainment.

On May 27th, we'll release on Nintendo Switch one budget-friendly Bundle that features our entire catalogue. It will be available in Americas + Europe/Oceania.

All the titles are story-driven adventure games and their gameplay sub-genre varies from platform, puzzle, visual novel or survival. Most of them won prestigious awards at for example Tokyo Game Show, Indie Cade or A MAZE.

The games explore various themes such as:
  • Art / Culture (games Please, Touch The Artwork or EQQO or Cosmic Top Secret);
  • Substance abuse / Family issues (games Lydia or Cosmic Top Secret);
  • Love / Relations (EQQO, Mythic Ocean, Stilstand, Journey of the Broken Circle);
  • Introspection / Escape (Soul Searching, Infini, Stilstand, A Night at the Races)
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Article by: Susan N.



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