SNEG Brings Retro Classics to GoG and Steam!

We bring excellent news for retro-game and nostalgia lovers. Veil of DarknessStar GeneralThe Summoning and Dark Legions are coming back to PC this May. These classics will hit and Steam thanks to SNEG, a publisher dedicated to reviving classic gaming gems.

"As another step in preservation of games’ history, we are happy to be working on bringing back more classics published by Strategic Simulations Inc. years ago. In the early 90s SSI was releasing one of the best strategies and RPG games of that time. Quite a few of them opened the world of video games to us and we are paying them back now. The meticulously designed mechanics of these games stand up to the test of time and the gameplay has a lot to offer to modern players - both those who remember the originals and those who will experience it for the first time. 

The four games we bring back showcase the variety of SSI’s portfolio - from Star General, a turn-based strategy from the iconic 5-star “general series”, to Veil of Darkness – their venture into horror, which is set on par with the likes of Alone in the Dark. And more is yet to come as we have rights and plans to bring even more SSI’s titles to players. ” - said Oleg Klapovskiy, Director at SNEG.

Read on to learn more about upcoming games and check out the latest trailers.

Veil of Darkness

Wishlist now on GOG and Steam 

After a cargo plane crash, players find themselves in a remote village in a valley forgotten by time, where they discover something unimaginable. The shocking tale focuses on Kairn, a man driven by his insatiable thirst for power who wants to slay his own father and brothers all because of his insatiable thirst for power. He is a bloodthirsty monster that feeds on human flesh, accompanied by his pack of ghouls and werewolves. The only way to survive is to defeat this ruthless demon and his minions. Immerse yourself in this timeless horror adventure, that features cutting-edge mechanics, and fight for your life or die trying.

Star General

Wishlist now on GOG and Steam

Star General was an innovative strategy that surpassed its predecessors in many aspects and is one of the gems from SSI’s “5-star general” series (alongside other cult classics like Panzer General, Pacific General or Fantasy General). The game features a two-level combat system offering both space and surface combat. Players can conquer enemy planets and develop them to meet their needs, which helps manage resources. Over 90 fully rendered 3D starships, more than 100 ground units, and multiple planet types are waiting for the best strategists. With over 100 hours of gameplay, Star General allows players to engage in multiple scenarios and play as one of the seven different races. Be truly ready if you want to step into this deep universe.

The Summoning

Wishlist now on GOG and Steam 

The Summoning is a fantasy RPG with a captivating and complex storyline that features unexpected twists and several possible endings. The game takes place in an extensive world full of mazes, castles, hidden passages, and dungeons. Not enough? During the journey, players can even travel to different dimensions. Collect clues, solve puzzles, interact with many interesting NPCs, and fight against numerous terrifying monsters. The game has 40 levels, promising more than 100 hours of thrilling entertainment.

Dark Legions

Wishlist now on GOG and Steam 

In this dark fantasy game, players can create an army of up to 50 beings by selecting from 16 diverse characters, including Wizards, Trolls, Demons, Orcs, and Illusionists – each with unique powers and abilities. Your mission is to defeat the enemy's leader and claim ultimate power for yourself. The game features a variety of pre-set scenarios with different levels of difficulty, advanced artificial intelligence, and numerous set-up options that offer endless variations and basically unlimited playing time. Your goal is simple – seek out and destroy the opposing legion’s master, then wrest ultimate power for yourself!

All of the games are now available on GOG and Steam. If you are interested in checking out any of these classics, please let us know and we will provide you with a review key. It is also worth mentioning that the publisher, SNEG, will soon share more details about other classic games that they are planning to bring to modern platforms. The fans of old-school games will not be disappointed.

About SNEG:

SNEG is a small boutique publisher focused on reviving old gaming gems. We have an admiration for classics and a desire to bring back more interactive entertainment from all eras of the gaming culture.
Article by: Susan N.



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