Isekai Revelry Celebrating Slime IM's 1st Anniversary is on Now!

New-York, New-York, October 28, 2022 - Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.'s new smartphone game for the App Store and Google Play, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: ISEKAI Memories (Slime IM), is celebrating one year since its release thanks to all you fans out there. To celebrate the game's 1st Anniversary, we'll be holding an Isekai Revelry event starting today.

ISEKAI Memories 1st Anniversary! New Animated Opening!

Slime IM has a brand new anime promo video to celebrate the game's 1st Anniversary!

The video features the game's new second theme song, "VISIONS (feat. Takuma Terashima)" sung by none other than Eren's voice actress Akane Kumada! The lyrics to VISIONS were written by Takuma Terashima who sang the game's first theme song, "Phantom Lights"!

The video will be added as the game's opening movie that players see when they login, so be sure to check it out!

New Battle Content: Valor Cup!

We're adding new battle content to the game in the form of Valor Cup! Chancellors can now go toe to toe with other Chancellors!

Victories will raise Chancellors' diplomacy level and expand their options for nation-building!

Event Period: Starts Oct. 28 (Fri) UTC (TBD)

New Area: The Kingdom of Ingrassia is Now Available!

Chancellors can now visit a new area in Slime IM: the Kingdom of Ingrassia! Ingrassia features its own new stories and tales of diplomacy for Chancellors to enjoy! You'll also be able to speak with characters including Yuuki, Alice, and Chloe who reside there!

Event Period: Starts Oct. 28 (Fri) UTC (TBD)

Check Out Rimuru, Milim, and Veldora Decked Out in Regal Attire!

1st Anniversary Isekai Revelry Part 1 Recruit is on Now!

We're holding the 1st Anniversary Isekai Revelry Part 1 Recruit featuring Rimuru Tempest, the True Demon Lord, Milim Nava, the Powerful Princess, and Veldora Tempest, the Dragon Guardian of Tempest, all dressed in regal outfits!

Plus, players can also get Milim Nava, the Powerful Princess Memory Stone x1 as a Completion Reward from Missions that are running now!

Event Period: Oct. 28 (Fri) Until Nov. 25 (Fri) 05:59 UTC (TBD)

Story Event: Tempest vs. Mad City!

Experience Slime IM's new story event, Tempest vs. Mad City!

Enjoy a fully-voiced story detailing the final climactic battle of the original story! Witness Tempest under siege by the witch of the mirror and an alternate universe Clayman as they join forces! Then, another Rimuru shows up as the king of Mad City standing in the real Rimuru's way! All sorts of alternate universe foes Rimuru and company have defeated up until then come back to bring this battle between Tempest and Mad City to a head!

Event Period: Oct. 28 (Fri) Until Nov. 25 (Fri) 05:59 UTC (TBD)

1st Anniversary Login Bonus Part 1! Get over 1,000 Magicrystals!

We're holding the 1st Anniversary Login Bonus Part 1 to celebrate a year of Slime IM! Get over 1,000 Magicrystals by logging in during the event period, plus if you log in for 30 days, Chancellors can get 5★ Guaranteed Recruit Tickets!

Event Period: Oct. 28 (Fri) Until 12/28 (Wed) 05:59 UTC (TBD)

Chancellor Rookie Support Campaign

We're holding a Chancellor Rookie Support Campaign to help Chancellors who're just starting Slime IM! Chancellors will be able to take part in missions where they can get Magicules and Magistones used to power up Izis, the Mirror Queen who you can get from the Login Bonus! Plus, there are also missions available to get materials to improve your party's equipment!

Event Period: Oct. 28 (Fri) Until Feb. 28, 2023 (Tue) 05:59 UTC (TBD)

Invite a Friend Campaign!

We're holding an Invite a Friend Campaign for players who are new to Slime IM! By inputting a code given to them by a Chancellor who is already playing the game, new Chancellors will be able to get 100 Magicrystals! Plus, the more that new players who've inputted a code to progress in the game, the Chancellor who gave them the code can get rewards, too!

Event Period: Oct. 28 (Fri) Until 12/28 (Wed) 05:59 UTC (TBD)

Article by: Susan N.



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