Sable Releasing on November 29th for the PlayStation 5!

Midden, October 28th, 2022Raw Fury and Shedworks will release the visually stunning adventure Sable for PlayStation® on November 29th. The uniquely beautiful exploration game with the original Japanese Breakfast soundtrack will be released with additional content, as well as PlayStation-exclusive features.

Sable tells an atmospheric coming-of-age story on a beautiful alien planet, at a uniquely decelerated pace. Players take on the role of young Sable, who leaves her home to embark on a journey through a world of ancient monuments, decaying architecture, nomads, and spaceship wrecks plunged from the cosmos.


  • Explore at your own pace - no time pressure and no dangers

  • Drive and design your own unique hoverbike through a handmade landscape

  • Help the inhabitants of the world, discover mysterious places and uncover secrets

  • Original soundtrack from Japanese Breakfast

  • NEW! Try your hand at fishing in the desert and showcase your collection of bugs and fish in the Vivarium

  • NEW! Show off your talent with the all-new Angler Mask

  • EXCLUSIVE! Ride the dunes as immersive as ever before with DualSense™

Sable is already available as a digital download for the Xbox Family and Windows PC. The PlayStation®5 version will be released digitally on November 29th. Stay tuned for more information at

Article by: Susan N.



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