Jaggy's Corner - November 7th

Welcome to Jaggy's Corner where I discuss various issues in the gaming community, games I'm excited about, or anything related to video gaming in general. This week, I decided it would be a good idea to talk about some useful websites for Destiny 2 players.

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A lot of players have felt overwhelmed in Destiny 2, regardless of if they are New Light players or casual veterans. I know I felt lost and confused when I first began my journey in the Forsaken expansion. So, while it might be a bit of a moot point, I wanted to showcase some of the useful resources for Destiny 2 that many of us have used to progress.

I've decided to do this because I've become more aware of the fact that there are players who don't know about some of these websites. Also, I want people to walk into Beyond Light with a better sense of managing their time instead of leaving easy tasks unfinished.

These sites will most likely be updating once Beyond Light releases on November 10th, but many of there are crucial to use for all players.


A handy website to consult is Niris.tv because it shows rewards that can be earned from Trials of Osiris, Xur's location, Prophecy Dungeons loot table, and the weekly reset infograph. While the information displayed here will be outdated in a couple of days, the information provided is great for Triumph completion and gear acquisition.


Another website that has helped to find regional chests, ahamkara bones, cat locations, ghost scans, and other collectibles or event locations is lowlidev.com.au/destiny. Lowlivdev has been invaluable for finding Sleeper Nodes on Mars, Region Chests on all planets, and Ghost Scans. It's worth checking out if there are Triumphs or Lore Books left unfinished!

Destiny Item Manager

By far, the most used website for many Destiny players is Destiny Item Manager. This is a website that does some of the same things as Destiny 2's phone app or The Vault app. It negates a lot of the reason to go to the tower every few runs to collect blues for dismantling. With the Umbral engrams this season, our postmasters have filled up rather quickly. Plus, since raids do not have a vault or postmaster access, being able to dismantle unneeded items or collecting useful weapons for encounters is invaluable.

Furthermore, an untold feature of DIM is its Loadout Optimizer. This particular section allows players to prioritize stats, minimum light level, and mods to create a build! Once you figure out how to use this properly, grabbing all the armor needed for activities becomes a breeze, since there is no saved loadout built into the game.


For the last month or two, I've used Braytech a fair amount. The reason for this is it has a section that covers the content vault which displays every exotic, emblem, seal, story mission, lore, and other Triumphs/gear pieces leaving the game with Beyond Light. However, the website has checklists and trackers of triumphs that are close to completion. This website is my go-to resource for everything in Destiny 2. Check it out at Braytech.org.

Destiny Tracker

One of the coolest websites is Tracker Network. On this site, players can look up their game history, loadout, pvp stats, and pve stats. Destiny Tracker allows players to look at other characters, sort of like the Wow Armory site does for World of Warcraft.

Destiny Tracker is useful when players want to see their own progress or if they need to report a player for cheating. Under Recent Matches, players can see everyone in the match and their stats/loadout for the game. Talk about handy!

Other Resources

A couple of other fun websites to look at are Dungeon and Raid Report. Sometimes knowing how many times a player has completed dungeons or raids is good. This is especially true if a player wants to help new players like in raids. The more experience one has, the easier it becomes to teach (overall).

Jaggy's Final Thoughts

I know that it might take some time before these websites update once Beyond Light launches on November 10th. Keep in mind that Bungie posted in the TWAB about the Hard Drive space needed to install the game as it will be technically deleted and redone. Be sure to scroll down to the "Let's Talk Maintenance and Pre-Loads"

I'm excited about the new content even though I haven't been able to preorder the game yet!

Remember, Destiny 2 has free to play content so if you haven't tried it out before, grab it on Steam here.

Article by: Susan N.



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