Games of the Year 2019 – Guilty Pleasure

Moving on from our runners up for 2019 we now move into the Guilty Pleasure category. Games that have staying power. Check out our 2019 Guilty Pleasure entries to our games of the year.

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Catherine: Full Body

I knew I would enjoy this game – I was quite fond of the original Catherine. But kudos to the developers for improving on an already excellent game with some new content and improved quality of life. Seeing as it is basically an updated remake, I would have had a hard time justifying Full Body for an actual slot in Game of the Year, but as a guilty pleasure? Well, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Days Gone

Whooo boy. I spent I don’t know how many hours on this after my girlfriend picked it up for me when we were out just before black Friday, up here in Canada which is still a fairly relaxed affair. Bear with me for one second as I need to compare Days Gone to the Witcher 3 for only one reason. It’s an open world that makes side quests worth doing as they add to the story. Nowhere near the top of its class as there’s plenty of issues and gameplay decisions that could have been smoothed over a bit, it was freaking fun and it had me driving and running all over Oregan zombie slaying and putting down killers and taking down thieves. My only true complaint is that the end felt a bit rushed and there was one decision in a world gone mad that the story writers did that I wish they hadn’t. But hey, their story to tell.

Ace Combat 7

This will be another one of those “Huh?” moments … Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, while not a spectacularly deep or overwhelmingly excellent game still offers enough action and enjoyment, tied to a wonderful cinematic camera mode that I spent countless hours in the dozens of aircraft that it offers. With its amazing weather effects and replayability, Ace Combat 7 saw me coming back to it time and time again, all to capture just the right moment as I “BRRRT” my way through a ground attack or relived my Top Gun dreams. Even with all the space games like Star Citizen and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, that I play, or real-world simulators like DCS World, I still cannot get enough of the gorgeous arcade action of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

Susan N.
Cat Quest II

Earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to review Cat Quest II, which is funny because I hadn’t actually played the first game even though I own it on Steam. This game made me smile and I’ve played way more of the game than anyone really should. I mean, I want to defeat the couple of caves that are level 99, so I have to get there! It’s a nice little rpg game that can be played with family members of virtually any age. It’s got purrrrfect puns and sweet graphics and developer wit! What’s not to love? This is totally my guilty pleasure from 2019, hands down. I’ve upgraded my Hot Dog. Be proud GentleBros! I look forward to more titles like this. Just sayin!

Moero Chronicle Hyper

Alright, let’s be honest here: this game is sketchy. You wouldn’t really want your family or friends know you’re playing it. But you know what? It was actually a really solid dungeon crawler, and all the characters were viable to use, which really boosted my opinion. Grinding for some of the job classes was particularly arse, but the gameplay was good, the dungeon layouts didn’t make me want to choke somebody, and the boss music was actually really good.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

I’ve always had room in my heart to play a game based on my favourite Mario Brother. Luigi’s Mansion has always been my go-to Mario game. With the first being a cult classic, the second game was kinda sub-par. Nintendo seems to have finally realized that maybe if they blend the two titles together they might have something worthwhile. Which in turn made LM3 really fun to play AND its multiplayer mode kept things interesting. Who you gunna call?




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