The First 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Trailer Features a New Apex Predator

We recently announced and share a couple of screens about 7th Dragon III Cdode: VFD - and now we have a little more information about the game. Oh, and a trailer.

Press release:

We wanted to take a moment and clear up the common misconceptions about dragons these days because of all the movies and TV shows depicting them in a positive light. So let's clear that up right now. Dragons. Are. Bad. News.

So naturally, the dragons in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD are realistically shown as the colossal vessels of destruction that prey on humanity they are. And you can see this scourge in action in the latest trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS RPG.

Starting off mid-apocalypse with terrifying dragons flying around and the toxic Dragonsbane flower in full bloom, it's pretty obvious that Earth is an extremely bleak place for humans. Fortunately, Nodens Enterprises -- the video game company dedicated to stopping the dragon menace -- has a plan: Travel through time to three different eras, so a small force can weaken the dragons' power. This therefore gives mankind a much-needed edge to defeat the True Dragons and stand a chance against the most powerful one of them all... the 7th Dragon: VFD.

Talking about traveling through time to defeat dragons is one thing, but actually traveling through time to defeat dragons is a whole different beast. The road to humanity's salvation is paved with a variety of draconian dragons, High Dragons, and True Dragons, so players must choose their teams carefully and adapt to each encounter. 

Article by Nick

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