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Before you fellow major IX fans go too crazy this isn't a remake like the big VII one we all know about by now. Which is sad in a way, I'd love to see IX get that kind of remake treatment, but what we're about to get is almost as cool! Everybody knows by now how Final Fantasy VII got a pseudo-remake on Steam before hitting the PS4, with better visuals, new abilities, new achievements, and more.

Well you can now count on the same thing happening for Final Fantasy IX! It's something that I'm very pumped about since IX is right next to VII as my favorite Final Fantasy game. So do I have any wants for this version, like any differences? No, I think Square did a perfect job with this game in the first place. You'd always love to see a cool bonus boss or something of that nature but the game will have achievements for the first time ever so that's something to aim for.

And keep this in mind too: it's not just for PC. (It'll likely hit the PS4 at a later time like VII did but that's not confirmed yet). It's also coming out for smartphones! I never played the VII redone on the smartphone so I can't comment on whether it's just as much fun to play as a console edition. I have to assume having a controller is better than a screen but there have been some smartphone games in the past that have proven me dead wrong on how playable they are so I may be off base here. Either way that means your options are open for this upcoming game.

If you don't like to game on your PC or it's not powerful enough to handle the game (which it should be, but you never know) then you can still experience this game in a fun form on the phone. When this game is coming out is not known as of this writing, but I'm betting we'll have it in the first quarter of the year. At least I really hope so. Time will tell but this game is an incredible one and it'll be fun to have it again in an entirely new form.

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