What have I been posting at Otaku Gaming?

Lots and lots of things.  First off - thanks for all the looks and comments during E3.  I decided to go with a more ddigest-form or it this year as opposed to last year where I was tossing out some high Twitter traffic and doing just a couple of roundup pages.  I know I got a couple of comments that I managed to highlight a few games that others missed - was my E3 posting of use/interest then by and large or not?

Well, aside from E3 and a lot of the big name announcements, I was surprised at how many other games and companies that were a bit lesser-known were also putting out tons of announcements, and I tried to track a lot of that over on Otaku Gaming.  It wound up being a pretty active week and change on that site for me as well, so here's the breakdown for those who are interested.

We can kick things off with the announcement that Dark Souls will be releasing DLC for consoles to include that extra content coming out for the Prepare to Die PC version.

Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royal scan and announcement.

I posted the intro video to Persona 4 Golden.

Mensa Academy - brought to you by Square Enix - was announced.

Some new characters were announced for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Release date and an additional playable character had been announced for Devil May Cry.

Guild 002 was announced - with some screenshots to boot.

Probably a bit behind the times on this one, but Ys Origin was released on Steam.

The announcement that Samurai Warriors 2 would be released.

I posted some new screens for Soul Sacrifice.

Art, screenshots and video from Dead or Alive 5.

I posted some information on Mobile Suit Gundam AGE for the PSP.

Zone of Enders HD - release info and screenies.

Lots of screenshots of Screeshots of Toki to Towa (Time & Eternity) posted.

And while in the spirit of screenshots, how about some plus scans for Lollipop Chainsaw?

Information and scans posted about Etrian Odyssey IV.

Nayuta no Kiseki for the PSP - screens and release information here.

Prior to E3 I had posted about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate for the 3DS.

Shin Megami Tensei IV was announced as well.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires was announced.

I know I have posted about Record of Agarest on this blog a couple of times, but had not done a write-up over on Otaku Gaming.  Well, here is a newly written look back at the game.

Last but not least, yesterday morning I did a look back at Tekken 6 as well.



  1. Oh yes you have been busy indeed :D

    Now to reward yourself, go and play Atelier Meruru ^_^

  2.  Loved your review of that game - and I definitely need to play it - and the prior couple.  Got a handful of titles I need to close out over the next week or two and then bury myself in an RPG or two... got a suggestion or two for me? ;)

  3. Other than Atelier? The Demons/ Dark Souls games are ace. And over on the Xbox, The Witcher 2 is absolutely essential.

  4.  *eyes his game collection* Yup... Dark Souls is sitting there too.  And White Knight II, and the two Batman games, the last 2 Disgea's... My wife's going to be gone a lot this summer, and I think in her absence I'm going to be pounding out a ton of games.

    I haven't snagged Witcher 2 yet, but I loved the first one for PC


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