Highlights from E3 - Part 3

Round three of... well, I don't know how many yet.  As someone who owns every current-gen system except the Vita though, I have quite the interest in a wide variety of releases.  And quite frankly, there is a solid chance I wind up with a Vita sometime in the next year, so even those titles interest me.  Since I'm talking Sony specifically, and led off with Xbox exclusives last article, let's kick things off with...

God of War: Ascension

Kratos remains an angry, angry guy.  That much is a given, and while his character has never been the deepest, most intelligent protagonist in gaming history, the God of War games have delivered on cutting edge graphics, perfectly balanced combat and an exciting sense of scale.  Unlike a lot of faithful, I am not too worried about the multiplayer aspect at this point.  It sounds like an additional feature, like with Mass Effect 3, and that turned out to be pretty entertaining (as opposed to Dead Space 3 where there is a core change to the campaign's mechanics).  Still, while I am curious to see what comes of Ascension, I did not walk away from this demo with the same sense of awe and anticipation as when God of War III had a demo that featured Kratos combating enemies on the back of a mighty titan either.

Madden NFL 13

I enjoy the NCAA football titles, but it is Madden I inevitably wind up plunking down money for almost every year.  I realize a lot of people immediately dismiss sports titles (there was a lot of hate on the live chat when Madden was introduced), but I personally enjoy them quite a bit.  Additionally I know a lot of people feel that Madden's yearly releases are little more than a roster update that EA should give us for $5 a year.  There may be a bit of merit to that line of thought, but overall there are changes made, usually for the better, and for sports fans who follow a team or sport very closely, we work on a sort of yearly cycle of hope and renewed faith and the Madden series plays right into that, right or wrong.  For me, it is usually right, and I found the below trailer to be pretty exciting stuff as I anxiously await the start of the NFL season.  Go Lions!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

That title is a mouthful of letters to try and squeeze in, but then it looks like this game is going to be packing in quite a few heavyweight PlayStation characters as well.  Sure, this game borrows heavily from Super Smash Bros - but I really do not care myself where a game gets its inspiration so long as the title itself is fun and inspired.  Seeing as the Smash Bros games get played in my house somewhat regularly still, if this turns out to be any good, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale may find itself in the mix too.

The Last of Us

This title's been on my radar for some time.  I have always enjoyed a good post-apocoloytpic tale, and this game looks like it may fit that bill rather nicely.  The extensive look at the game in the trailer below did not disappoint, and keeps The Last of Us high on my watch list at this point.


From Reality Pump/Topware, this horror survival game looks like it will not lack for artistic style.  Not much is known about it yet, but I am a sucker for horror games and have found precious few that have delivered this generation, so I am holding out some hope that maybe this game will fit that bill.

Any of these titles of particular interest to you?  Sound off!


  1. I'm disappointed with God of War: Ascension. Like you, I didn't get the Awe feeling after watching the gameplay. Only part I liked was seeing Kratos fighting off that elephant since it's a new enemy. I don't know much about multiplayer, but they shouldn't have added multiplayer cause it's pointless for God of War.

    I'm like "I don't know" with Playstation All-Star Battle Royal. I'm not a big fan of fighting games. Only fighting games I love are Mortal Kombat and that's the classic like from SNES and Arcades.

    You already know my opinion on The Last of Us lol. Looks awesome! =P

    Never heard of Sacilegium. Looks interesting and I'm a fan of survival horror. Hopefully we hear more about it.

    - The Girl Gamer

  2. superphillip3208 June, 2012 19:55

    Now, here we are. I'm most interested in PSASBR and Last of Us. Those impressed me greatly. 

  3. Maybe 
    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but none of the others really grabbed my attention as for game-play and making me interesting.
    Madden 13 getting an updated engine? Finally? Seriously? If EA would ever release their exclusive NFL license, I would perhaps look at the series again, but not until then (yes, I'm being stubborn and stuck in my old ways!).

  4.  I enjoy the Madden game, but I do think they should have competition.  I in fact poke some fun at that in an upcoming post with more E3 highlights, because I really do think competition is key

  5.  Agreed - both of those should be fun, and I know you've commented on God of War 4 on your blog before, and I'll likely still poke at this, but... yeah.  It's just not doing it for me like 3 did so far as a reveal

  6.  I don't hate the idea of God of War multiplayer -yet-  I mean, a lot of people were down on that feature in Mass Effect 3 when it was announced, and it's really the only reason I'm still playing ME 3 at this point - in fact I'm between matches as I type this.

    I also understand why they want to add it to the God of War series.  God of War 3 went cheap real fast, with a really, really high trade-in rate around here.  Within two months there were dozens at every used game store and te price dropped to $30 new very quickly as a result.  I'm sure they are hoping that with a feature like multiplayer to keep people playing once they beat the storyline, they hope to avoid that issue.  whethr or not it works?  that's probably another story.

    and I love survival horror - the Fatal Frame games are still some of my all-time favorites, so I'm curious to see if anything comes of Sacllegium

  7. superphillip3208 June, 2012 20:59

     Yes, I have shown and talked about Ascension, but it really didn't resonate that much with me. I was like "yep. That would be God of War."


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