Highlights from E3 - Part 7

So maybe I spoke just a bit too soon about Nintendo not having any other franchises to talk about.  Even better?  They threw a bone to Wii owners as well with...

Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition

Coming out in September, this game is rumored to contain at least three titles of pink puffy Nintendo fan service.  I actually have several of the Kirby games, so this may not be something I am personally compelled to acquire, but for fans of Kirby and those looking for another Wii title or two before the Wii U completely takes over the Nintendo console universe, this might be some very good news.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

A lot of people, myself included, have been wiating for the official announcement that this title would be headed west.  Well, good news at E3 as Nintendo confirmed.  Sadly, no real specific details were shared on it, but for those who are unfamiliar with the series, think strategy/RPG and check out this trailer as the game is selling very well over in Japan still.

Dust 514

This shooter looks to have some depth to it, and this is probably in large part due to the fact it is tied in to EVE Online, which is a popular MMORPG that now shares its perpetual universe with Dust 514.  The trailer is short but nice-looking, but I am more interested in how well these two different games play with one another going forward and really appreciate the ambition of this project.  Now here's hoping that it executes that ambition well.

Borderlands 2

I have the first Borderlands on my PC and I like what I have played of it, but I have not sunk in enough time (yet) that I felt comfortable writing up a full review.  My son on the other hand has played quite a bit and really likes the game and says he is excited about Borderlands 2.  The action looks smooth graphically though still over-the-top and if the loot-like system of grabbing tons of new weapons holds up as well as last time, I suspect this game will be as popular as the first.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I love Tekken.  There are some Tekken reviews coming soon, including Hybrid which has an HD remake of the first Tekken Tag Tournament.  There is not a lot to say here.  The Tekken series is known for excellent graphics and fast-paced 3D one-on-one combat that relies more on juggling and combos than fighters with distance moves like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.  The storyline is beyond convoluted at this point, but the fighting experience is usually excellent.  I am really looking forward to more on this game.

Persona 4 Arena

I have only ever played the first Persona game, but I recall it very fondly and keep thinking about picking up the later versions for my PSP.  While the Persona series is an RPG, Persona 4 Arena is in fact a fighting game based on Persona characters.  It looks fast-paced but also fun.  It will be interesting to see how well such a large shift in series tone is handled by fans of the series.

So, that's it for my round-up.  Obviously this wasn't even close to everything at E3, but just some of the various titles to catch my eye for one reason or another.

When I started this I did not anticipate putting together a week's worth of posts, but I just wanted to lay them out one day at a time so people could view and comment if they wanted.  Overall, E3 was not as much fun for me personally this year as in years past.  All the same, there are a lot of very interesting titles on the horizon and while maybe most of them were already known entries, it was nice to get a closer look at a lot of them.  Thanks for the reads and comments - it's been appreciated.  Let me know if you liked this rather lengthy summary or not as it may determine what, if anything, I do during next year's E3.


  1. I was a huge fan of the original Tekken Tag, it's a shame it has taken THIS long for a sequel.
    Borderlands 2 is on my radar of interest, as I have the first one, even though Keith (Respawn) got us stuck in the game with his infinite wisdom!

    I haven't really followed much on the other games you listed, but speaking of Kirby...I'm probably using some of my Nintendo Club points for that game this month.

  2. I missed E3 and had to catch up with videos a few days later.  Was surprised by the Miiverse, but everything else was either known or just so-so.

    Not sure on the other games, but Borderlands 2 looks really cool.  No Wii U love yet?

  3.  Right there with you on Tekken Tag.  Hoping to get a Tekken Hybrid review out shorting that is an HD remake of it.

    My son absolutely loved Borderlands, though I haven't played it much.

    I actually haven't used my Nintendo coins in awhile now.  Just haven't seen any games that really grab me on there.

  4.  Haha, I make some Wii U comments in a different thread - but yeah, overall you summed up my biggest problem with this year's E3 - just no real surprises


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