Highlights from E3 - Part 5

One of the best things about E3 in my opinion, is getting to see cutting edge visuals on display.  I already touched on the Final Fantasy demo, but one of the most notable announcements came from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream with...

Beyond - Two Souls

It took me some time to get into Heavy Rain, but once I did I found myself deeply immersed in the storyline.  While it was more of an interactive movie than a game in a lot of ways, the fact that your actions did directly impact how the storyline played out was entertaining and this trailer for Beyond - Two Souls looks very, very good.

 New Super Mario Bros. U

Nintendo went a bit Mario-heavy during E3 in my opinion, but it is hard to find a more reliable franchise when you are struggling financially and have a new system you want a lot of early adoptors for.  While the Pikman 3 introduction at E3 was cute, it is not a series I am in any way invested in, nor are my kids.  Mario however, is one of the few titles all five of us will sit down to play at any given time, which is why this trailer resonated with me quite nicely.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

While I do not yet know if the Wii U will find an immediate place in our home (my guess is probably not if the rumored price point of nearly $400 is accurate), we already have a couple of Nintendo 3DS units That makes this title and:

Paper Mario 3DS

... particularly interesting to me.

Not to be completely forgotten, however:

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

The original Luigi's Mansion was one of the first titles we picked up for the Gamecube, and while it certainly had some flaws, it still remains one of our family's favorite games from that system.  I will admit that the announcement of Luigi's Mansion getting a follow-up at last year's E3 was one of the reasons I was most excited about the 3DS so it's nice to see that it is coming along nicely and set for a holiday release this year.

Nintendo's conference this year was very Mario-heavy.  Did that bother you?  Were you disappointed that other popular Nintendo franchises got no love this year?  Or was it a smart move for Nintendo to trot out their most popular mascot every chance they got this year?


  1. I'm just psyched for Star Wars 1313. Besides that, E3 seemed like kind of a bummer.

  2.  Overall, yea I'd say E3 was a bummer.

    I forgot about the Beyond game, looked gorgeous, but didn't make an impact on me I guess. Never played Heavy Rain either, so I don't really know what to expect I suppose.

  3.  I concur - it just was not as much fun as years past I suppose.

  4.  I liked heavy rain for the most part, but it was more interactive story than game - still solid enough though I''m curious to see what comes of Beyond

  5. I hear really good things about Heavy Rain. You should give it a shot. Though, I never have, you should lol

  6. It was difficult to separate Super Mario Wii U from NSMBW which I'm not sure is a problem yet.  Though NSMB2 on 3DS looks cool, but I'm most interested in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion especially after the conference.  Luigi's Mansion also still looks cool, but is a bit lower on the priority.

  7.  I'm curious about Mickey, but yeah - very interested in Luigi's Mansion 2 - probably along with Fire Emblem as my two most anticipated upcoming 3DS titles.


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