Quick update - plus Tomba!

So, pretty much still sick as a dog.  A very old dog.  At least that's how I'm feeling today.  And still at work because we had a big software release today.  So, not much of a post here today, expect to say Tomba! has made its debut on the PlayStation Network.  Here's the related info:

MonkeyPaw strives to give you Japanese games you’ve always wanted but no one delivered. So if there were a game with universal appeal and was widely requested, you’d think we’d be all over it. Well, we are! Retro fans will now have something to talk about at the water cooler. Because today, we’re releasing Tomba!, the critically-acclaimed side-scrolling adventure game on the PlayStation®Network.

Created by legendary producer Tokuro Fujiwara, the man behind Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts and Mega Man, Tomba! comes from a great lineage and still produces a unique gaming experience. The game deftly mixes sprite characters and polygon backgrounds to produce a beautiful and humorous romp. Tomba! is classic platforming but also throws in rich, adventure/RPG elements and balanced puzzle solving. With smooth exploration mechanics, satisfying graphics, stellar presentation and fantastic controls, it’s hard to find fault with this Japanese gem.

The unique levels and subquests of Tomba! will amaze you with their witty challenges, as no quest is ever the same. You’ll find yourself going back again and again to help your little pink-haired caveboy overcome his pig-enemies. Tomba! will take you on a ride that you won’t want to get off.

This isn’t your average platformer either. It is our number one requested game from Japan. So, see why everyone wants this lost classic and download Tomba! today in the PS one® Classics section.



  1. Love Tomba! played it for a bit a few years back, but got stuck and refused to look at a guide. May have to give it another go sometime though.

  2. Yeah, I've got some fond memories of this one too, which was why I was quick to post something about it when I saw the announcement this morning. :)

  3. Simon Lethbridge19 June, 2012 12:30

    I love this game! I stupidly sold my copy many years ago :( Keep meaning to buy it again but it's hardly a cheap one...

  4. I want to say the PSN price was going to be $9.99 - so pretty reasonable if you do decide to acquire it again. :)

  5. Never even heard of this game, but with the 2D and platforming, seems like it could be good.
    Oh yea, get better!

  6. Thanks bud. Turns out to be a bronchial infection. Staying home from work tomorrow, maybe the next day to boot just to make sure i get it out of my system. ;(

    Anyway, if you're curious about Tomba!

    IGN 8.7: http://psx.ign.com/articles/152/152260p1.html

    Gamespot 8.0: http://www.gamespot.com/tomba/reviews/tomba-review-2546092/

    Game Revolution B+: http://www.gamerevolution.com/review/tomba

    not sure how well it would hold up by today's standards, but back then/ pretty solid.

  7. Well, considering I'm playing through Super Mario Bros. 3 right now, it could have some high standards to hold up to. The first and second "reviews" do not exist...EVER. *considering the source, or better yet, not considering the source

    The last review though, it made me LOL with this line, "it's just that so many games have come out using the the same platform gameplay that it is becoming boring."

    I wonder if this is one of those, "There are TOO MANY FPS GAMES! It's old! They're old! The genre needs to die!" people these days.
    Kind of an interesting perspective going back, and seeing a complaint being against the method of game-play, not that it was actually bad game-play...just that it was like others in the genre.

  8. I'd need a PS3 for that which I have no intention of buying anytime soon! :P Oh well, I'll play it again someday for sure, it's a great game :)

  9. Yeah, it's always interesting to see what type(s) of games were so popular and how people felt about it. Still, doesn't it seem like 80% of the NES was platforming.

    Awesome that you're playing SMB3 atm - any particular reason you picked that up to play currently?

  10. "
    Awesome that you're playing SMB3 atm - any particular reason you picked that up to play currently?"

    Yea, now that our oldest Bean can navigate the Wii menu, including finding and knowing what games/demos are on the SD card section, he'd been playing Mario Kart Wii (playing = driving backwards and in circles), and we have SMB3 from the Virtual Console.

    I'm not sure if he selected it, or if I did one night last week, but once we did...he will watch and tell me what to do, continuously telling me in each new world, "Let's go to the dark castle! Dark castle!" then, once I beat it...he'll see the other one, and it becomes, "Let's go to the white castle!"

    He can also hop around a few levels, but can't get very far yet, but it's been fun re-playing through the game after probably close to 20 years now.


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