I'm still here :)

But, with the holiday stuff going on, and some extra business with work and all of that fun stuff - I haven't had quite as much game time of late, plus I've sunk in on a few games that are taking a good chunk of time to complete, like Fire Emblem. Older tactical strategy game, but I'm enjoying it so far. Anyway - I should have some reviews up this weekend, at least a couple of so. And well - then for Christmas? A whole lot more, so be patient and I should have plenty incoming soon. :)


  1. "Fire Emblem" seems to be a really popular game...even though it doesn't seem to have to sold extremely well.

  2. So far I'm really digging it. I'm about 30 hrs in right now. I played a lot of the turn-based strategy games growing up, but somehow missed this one until now. I think the genre is one of those ones where fans of them really love them, and are super loyal to them, but maybe don't have the broad market appeal of a game like Mass Effect or Modern Warfar.


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