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We play a lot of games in our house – I suspect that’s a given at this point. Computer games, all the current systems (including handhelds like DS and PSP), back through some old Nintendo and Super Nintendo systems that have been lovingly taken care of over the years. The tough part about a blog reviewing games? Well… aside from getting readers – is getting current content. To play all of the latest games is tough. To do it for all systems? Well, until I win the lotto – I can’t do that. I have plans to take peeks into some newer games soon, like Lego Harry Potter, the new Transformers game, and a few other somewhat recently released games. In the meantime, this leaves me with a quandary – write reviews for older games or not?

I’ve opted for the former – I’d rather have content about older games than no content at all in between news posts and new games. Games like the one I plan to touch on shortly – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the PSP – are still available on current systems and at good prices. So they are still relevant in my mind. I thought about other old, OLD games – like Shining Force for the Sega Genesis. Well that game was released in October of 1992 – so where’s the relevance besides my interest in old games and apparently need to blather a good deal? Well, this newest generation of systems has been introducing older games – like the Wii’s Virtual Console that re-released this particular game in mid-2007 and only recently got downloaded by me. So I may do some light mini-reviews on downloadable games too, since I have taken a crack at a lot of them – and in many cases still own the originals as well (like Shining Force 2 on the Genesis). Let me know if you like these reviews or not – if no one’s interested, I can certainly move on to newer topics and games, but as someone who frequently purchases used games for current systems, it seems relevant.

This particular post is just lead-in to another I plan to put up in an hour or so. I’ve been pulling some screenshots and digging up some video links to it to give it a nice review, and felt this would lead into the topic nicely before I call it a night. Be back in a couple of hours.


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