Watch The New Forever Skies 'Location Highlights' Video Feature Ahead Of Release

30 March 2023, Wroclaw, Poland | Forever Skies, the upcoming first-person, sci-fi survival game has released a new “Location Highlights” video feature. The video highlights some of the various locations above the toxic dust confirmed for the start of Early Access. In Forever Skies, players pilot a high tech airship around an ecologically ruined Earth. Along the way are derelict towers left behind by the last remnants of humanity which can be discovered, scavenged and used to find various resources to further their journey..

“The video shows locations the team has pretty much wrapped for the start of Early Access. We’re of course going to add more location types as the game grows, but the ones shown in the video are those we can confirm 100% are going to be there right at the start of Early Access. And then of course we still have the various under the dust locations which are mostly done, but we will show that closer to release” - Andrzej Blumenfeld, Gameplay Lead, Far From Home

The team is also happy to announce that their Kickstarter campaign which was created to give people the chance to support the game via a special Backers Edition exceeded expectations and will end with around +280% of the goal funded.

Forever Skies will be entering PC early access in the first half of 2023.

Article by: Susan N.



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