Memorable Music in Gaming #47

Given that Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves just released (a movie that I enjoyed a great deal), it got me reminiscing about some of my favorite songs from the vast catalog of Dungeons & Dragons video games.

Honestly, I could turn this into a two or three part article instead of a single Memorable Music, given how many fantastic soundtracks these games have seen over the years. In fact… I just talked myself into it.

So here’s Memorable Music in Gaming – Dungeons & Dragons Edition: Part 1

Baldur’s Gate – From Out of the Storm

This song is one that just hits you right out of the gates. It’s an absolutely epic mix of vocal harmonization and instruments as you wage an epic battle against Sarevok.


Icewind Dale – Kuldahar

Jeremy Soule is known for his epic fantasy songs, and this is among my favorites of his. There is something both inviting to the wind instruments here, that also make me recall the cold, frosty environments as well.


Neverwinter Nights – City Docks Day

An underappreciated favorite of mine from Jeremy Soule. I almost feel like there’s a haunting quality to this song that would make it more appropriate for night than day, but it’s not going too far to say that this is one of my favorite songs ever from a video game. It’s shown up in a prior Memorable Music of mine, but I couldn’t justify leaving it out here.


Baldur’s Gate 2 – The Pirate Isle

Flutes and percussions make this a fun, lightweight tune. The tempo’s a bit uneven, and with it a sort of bawdy sound that would be right at home in a tavern. Sometimes a song can simply be fun, and not need to be tethered to a grand battle or overly emotional moment, to remain memorable.


Planescape Torment – Sigil

I didn’t play this title when it first came out, and I wasn’t much of a Planescape connoisseur during my tabletop days, but this particular song stuck with me when I did play. The chiming sound of a clock near the end caps off a strange mix of sounds and tones that works in an almost haunting way.

Article by: Nick


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