Dig Deep Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Platforms Soon!

13 April 2023, Warsaw, Poland | QubicGames together with Crazy Labs have announced Dig Deep for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and XBOX.
Dig Deep is a mining diamond tycoon where you must go underground and look after gold to become the wealthiest man on earth.
You’re not alone. If you don’t want to be stuck in the ground forever - you need to hire workers, and manage the whole mine by yourself. Dig Deep is not another lame simulator. It’s open, addictive, huge and easy to play.
Players can follow https://twitter.com/QubicGames to be updated about more details about the Dig Deep and other titles release.
Dig Deep on Nintendo Switch will include two additional DLCs in one product.


QubicGames is an Indie Game Publisher and Developer who have been working with Nintendo since 2006!


A top 3 mobile games developer and publisher with over 6 billion downloads to date and over 250M monthly active players.
Article by: Susan N.


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