Let Horrors Unfold With The Launch Trailer For Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

6 April, 2023 - Kyiv, Ukraine + Dublin, Ireland | Ukrainian developer Frogwares have released the launch trailer for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened ahead of the game’s release on 11 April 2023.A young Sherlock Holmes and John Watson undertake their first case together, a chilling and psyche-shattering mystery that has them confront a secretive, Cthulhu worshiping cult.

The story is a creative re-imagining of what traumatic and sanity-breaking experiences the young detectives could have endured at this crucial point in their relationship. Memories, secrets and scars that would go on the shape them into the famous yet flawed detective duo the worlds knows them for.

“I’m not sure if any one of us will ever release another game with so many memories and emotional baggage attached to it. This game came about as necessity to keep the studio alive during the war in Ukraine but it also gave us all a very strong purpose and a much-needed distraction from everything going on around us. What is next is already in the works now that we have proven to ourselves, we can keep going, despite the war.”

- Sergiy Oganesyan, Head of Publishing, Frogwares

The Awakened will be available on April 11, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

Article by: Susan N.


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