ARPG “TSURUGIHIME” by Yosuke Shiokawa’s Coming in 2024

SHIBUYA, TOKYO — Dec. 4, 2022Fahrenheit 213 Inc. (213°) unveils indie title TSURUGIHIME during INDIE Live Expo Winter 2022 with the first trailer on the Steam store page and 213℉ official YouTube channel.


The ultimate battle is in 100 days and it is up to the player to decide how to live those final days. Built upon the classic genre of side-scrolling action RPG, "craft" anything from battles, customizing, exploration, story, and even your “sister.”

This is An RPG that "crafts" fate.

This is the first game from the former creative producer of Fate/Grand Order, Yosuke Shiokawa since becoming independent. Together with character designer Kuroboshi Kouhaku and composer Takeharu Ishimoto, we are aiming for release on Steam in 2024 with this team.

”Craft” the 100 days in this story where choices and decisions are key!

The player can live however they want until the day of the ultimate battle. Become stronger through repeated battles, chose to challenge powerful enemies, or spend time in peace without fighting. A game with multiple endings where your days decide the outcome. Find YOUR best way to live each day and "craft" your own path to victory.

"Craft" even your sister with the bonding sisters ikusei system!

Battles are supported by the protagonist's beloved sister, her only family. Pure and innocent, she can be royal or rebellious, depending on how the player interacts. She may become curious or a passionate scholar.

Character Design: Kuroboshi Kouhaku & Composer: Takeharu Ishimoto, join game development!

Characters are designed by Kouhaku Kuroboshi, who has worked on Summon Night, Kino's Journey, and SAO Alternative, and music direction is led by composer Takeharu Ishimoto (The World Ends with You, Kingdom Hearts).

The game is being developed by a small team as an indie game full of love from the creators.

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We will keep you updated on our latest news on the Steam store page, 213℉ official Twitter and 213℉ official YouTube channel. Please follow us and add the game to your wishlist.



     Genre: An RPG that "crafts" fate.

     Platform: Steam®

     Release Date: Planned for 2024

     Number of Players: Single Player

     Languages: Japanese/English/Simplified Chinese

     Developer/Publisher: 213℉

     Team Member:

     Director Yosuke Shiokawa

     Character DesignKuroboshi Kouhaku

     Composer Takeharu Ishimoto


     Steam Store Page:

About Fahrenheit 213 Inc.

Fahrenheit 213 Inc. is a game studio founded by Yosuke Shiokawa who is the owner/CEO and is a creator himself who worked on games such as Fate/Grand Order, Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

Our philosophy is Game creation that is always “HOT”!

We will create games that are not bound by platforms or genres, but games that are new & passionate.

     Company Name: Fahrenheit 213 Inc.

     Representative: CEO Yosuke Shiokawa

     Shareholder: Yosuke Shiokawa (100%)

     Founded: March 2021

     Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

     Business: Planning, production, management, and sales of games & other digital content

     Official site:

Article by: Susan N.



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