Shiro Unlimited Reveals Wartales, Northgard, and Release Window for Dune: Spice Wars at Gamescom

BORDEAUX, France – August 29, 2022 –
Publisher and developer Shiro Unlimited entered Gamescom with reveals for Wartales and Northgard, as well as a release window for Dune: Spice Wars’ latest update.


The medieval open-world tactical RPG, Wartales, unveiled its Capital City, the largest Early Access update yet, “The great Gosenberg”. Ripe with challenging opportunities, mercenaries will uncover hidden mysteries as well as an extended main plotline, as they traverse the streets and sewers of the grand City of Gosenberg. Upgrade equipment with new materials, weapons, and tools to bring up efficiency and fight for wealth and notoriety.


Northgard, the Viking strategy game with more than 2.4 million copies sold, revealed the fray’s next formidable competitor; the Clan of the Eagle, forging a path to the public in Q4 2022. One need not venture far from his nest to thrive on the lands of Northgard. Adopt the spirit of the mighty predator itself and scout efficiently with a new unit, the Falconeer, to gather resources and notoriety close to home. 

Dune: Spice Wars

Dune: Spice Wars, the 4X RTS game with its own interpretation of the award-winning sci-fi adventure book series, brings the powerful House Corrino update to PC via Steam Early Access in September 2022. Manage a new economic system by balancing taxes and bribes to keep the empire thriving.

“Our team had an amazing time at the show making connections with all of the guests and other exhibitors,” said Adrien Briatta, Head of Marketing & Publishing, Shiro Unlimited. “We are forever grateful for our developers and their hard work thus far, and are ecstatic for the day that players everywhere can get their hands on all of the exciting content to come.”

About Shiro Unlimited

Shiro Unlimited, the publishing arm of independent game development studio, Shiro Games, created by video game veterans Sebastien Vidal and Nicolas Cannasse to bring new innovative games to life. Based in Bordeaux, France, the studio released its first project Evoland in 2013 and its acclaimed sequel Evoland 2  in 2015. Shiro Games then launched its popular Viking strategy game Northgard on Steam in 2018, which has gone on to sell more than 2.4 million units across various platforms.

For more information on Shiro Unlimited, please visit the official website.

Article by: Susan N.



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