Dark Comedy Business Simulator 'Idol Manager' Available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5

TOKYO – Aug. 25, 2022 –
Idol Manager, the dark comedy business sim set in the Japanese idol industry from developer Glitch Pitch and publisher PLAYISM, aims to ascend to the top of the charts by any means necessary today on Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4|5.

Ever dreamt of managing an all-girls band? Thanks to a somewhat questionable figure’s generous offer, that ambition can become reality. Build and operate the most prestigious talent agency in the world by creating the next hit idol group. The road to idol supremacy takes guts, grit, and girls, and if you’ve got those, baby, you’ll be a star. Or you’ll make some stars, at least.

Start by scouting and hiring promising talents. Audition new girls and examine their skills, looks, and traits to see if they fit the band’s image. A national audition could bring in better talent than a local audition, but wider searches cost more money, and suspiciously-sourced funds don’t grow on trees. Choose the idol candidates wisely, as toxic personality traits or incompatibilities between the girls can spell doom.

Spend money wisely to attend to the band's needs and direct them with the help of hired agency personnel. Study Market trends, release commercially pleasing products, and continue the inception of new bands to ensure global monopolization of the idol game. Aim for steady growth of the brand while managing mental health and comfort. Keep a firm hand on the idols to keep them on the right path, but too much control might lead to rebellion. Giving the idols free reign over their public appearances might keep them happy, but fans might balk at their choices.

How much blood, sweat, and tears will you spill in order to achieve success? Volatile personalities want to hog the spotlight. Rival groups and agencies want their slice of the pie. Competitors may resort to sabotage and subterfuge. Playing by the rules might lead to a clean conscience and a matching, cleaned-out wallet; underhanded tactics might lead first to fame and later to prison.

The console versions contain all the content from the hit PC version initially released on Steam in 2021 while introducing slick controller support. Earn multiple endings in Story Mode, with three difficulty modes offering varying levels of simulation challenges. Reach for the stars and savor the taste of success while managing stress and frustration inherent to the dreamlike world of idols.

“I’ve always loved idol groups, but I know how dirty the business can be when you dig into it, and I wanted to present that duality in Idol Manager,” said Max Rogozin, founder, Glitch Pitch. “Everyone who supported the game from our crowdfunding campaigns to PC launch to now with the console versions helped make this a reality!”

Idol Manager is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 for $24.99, and supports English, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese language text, and Japanese language voice.

For more information, visit the official Idol Manager website, Twitter account, and YouTube channel, visit the PLAYISM website, follow PLAYISM on Facebook and Twitter, and search for #IdolManager on social media.

About Glitch Pitch

Founded by Max Rogozin, an avid follower of the Japanese idol scene, Glitch Pitch set out to create a game that included the rawness and drama that made following real idols so interesting, and not just the cute and idealized version of pop idol life of other titles. With that in mind, Max began developing Idol Manager as a business simulator that would provide players with a variety of choices, with a focus on showing realistic consequences and avoiding moralization to create an experience where the player never feels that there is one "right" answer.

In 2015, Aiwa (artist) and Kuiper (script writer) joined the team. Like Max, Kuiper finds the real pop idol industry in Japan more interesting than the cute, sanitized version that is often presented in games and anime, and he aims to depict the industry in a way that shows the fun and lively side of pop idol life without painting over the more ugly and unpleasant parts of showbiz.


Japan’s oldest indie publisher, PLAYISM, is known in the West for supporting popular indie games such as Gnosia, The Good Life, Idol Manager, Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight, Touhou Luna Nights, Fight Crab, Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-, the La-Mulana series, Bright Memory, and DEEEER Simulator among other titles.

PLAYISM’s motto is “Bringing a Different Breed of Indie Games to the World”.

To learn more, visit the PLAYISM official website and follow @PlayismEN on Twitter. Join the official PLAYISM Discord for news, announcements, and weekly livestreams.

Article by: Susan N.



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