Crazy Monkey Studios Releases Trailer for Warparty!

The Warcave, Belgium – 28 March 2019

Prepare for action – the dinosaurs are at your door. RTS aficionados Warcave and the primates at Crazy Monkey Studios today announced the launch of their RTS labour of love, Warparty, out now for PC, Mac, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Warparty is a real-time strategy game set in the stone-age era. Players can build, recruit and control a group of soldiers, as well as fight and tame fierce dinosaurs. In addition to the game’s core multiplayer experience, which has undergone months of fine-tuning in Steam Early Access, today sees the addition of the feature-filled Story Campaign mode. Available now on all platforms, the solo Campaign mode offers hours of play, original missions, new maps and cinematic cutscenes to breathe primordial life into the epic carnage.

With Warparty, the battle-hardened RTS fans at Warcave set out to create the total package that every fan of RTS games could enjoy. They took the best of the genre to deliver a complete feature set, and brought it all together in an original fantasy setting.

Warparty addresses both casual and competitive players, with a game that you can play either slow or fast (with a high skill ceiling) depending on your style. The game is packed with features that RTS fans really care about: attack move commands, smart AI opponents, full-featured multiplayer, full hotkey customization, detailed post-game stats and graphs, survival mode, Campaign mode with replay value, and in-game Wiki.

Choose to play as one of three factions – Wildlanders, Necromas, or Vithara – each with their own units, buildings, playstyles and unique talents. Warparty game modes include Survival, AI Skirmish and Custom Online Multiplayer for up to 6 friends on PC and 4 on console. To keep the fight fair on PC, ranked matches are played on the dedicated Warparty servers, and online leaderboards let the community share in all the victories and defeats.

And in the end, who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

Warparty is available now on the following stores: Steam, Nintendo Eshop, Xbox store, and the PlayStation store.

Also, check out the Gameplay Trailer here!

For more information on Warparty, visit the official website and join the live paleo party on Discord.

Article by Susan N.


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