New Release RTS Titled MarZ: Tactical Base Defense

4th April 2019, Vienna - Austrian indie development duo (and married couple) doorfortyfour today announced that their very first game, MarZ: Tactical Base Defense, launches today on PC.

Mixing both RTS and Tower Defense elements, MarZ: Tactical Base Defense (formerly known as MarZ Rising) follows a team of Mars explorers who must build, manage and defend bases to keep hordes of undead at bay, while also uncovering the hidden history of the Red Planet. Careful management of resources and quick-thinking decisions are crucial to staying alive in the hostile alien environment.

In Early Access since September 2017, this v1.0 launch of MarZ: Tactical Base Defense includes a story-driven campaign with 20 mission and two endings, a skirmish mode which allows custom match-set ups, the Marsform map editor and a Twitch mode that lets viewers sabotage or aid their favorite streamers in-game.

As part of today’s v1.0 launch, the game has just received a massive update. The full launch features are as follows:
  • 20 mission story campaign: Hold off the zombie hordes and discover the terrible secrets of the red planet across a fully-fledged story campaign with alternate endings
  • *New* Updated Skirmish mode: Create customized procedurally-generated skirmishes as you battle back wave after wave of enemies, with new balance, custom options and improved UI/UX
  • *New* Outbreak mode: a new intense game mode within Skirmish that brings you one immense zombie horde instead of multiple waves
  • *New* Marsform map editor: Use powerful terraforming tools to sculpt custom maps and share on Steam Workshop
  • *New* Weapons and upgrades: new upgrades for all towers including repair drones, mines, tesla towers that can teleport zombies, mortars, prism lasers, and more
  • *New* Open tech-tree: Increased technology options and unique new upgrades
  • *New* Completely reworked balancing: all three difficulty modes have been improved and updated in line with player feedback
  • Twitch Mode: When streaming the game on Twitch, viewers can choose to support or sabotage streamers’ efforts in real-time with powerful Twitch integration tools
  • Localization update: translated into nine languages (English, English (US), German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Polish)

About doorfortyfour

Founded in 2013 by married couple Miriam and Marc Egli, doorfortyfour is a small indie studio based in Vienna, Austria. Marc is a Senior 3D Artist and has previously worked on the likes of The Crew, Forza Horizon, and Crackdown, while Miriam was an architect prior to becoming a games developer. The studio’s main focus is creating strategy and management games characterized by high-end graphics and creative design.

Article by Susan N.


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