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Because Zombies are just not enough anymore, Soldak Entertainment are back with another ever evolving experience involving mutants. Set in the same world as Zombasite, you’ll once again get the chance to create a custom character in order to set out into the wilds, level up, pick up loot and kill as many things as possible in this open ended Hack & Slash.

Currently within an alpha phase of its Early Access, Din’s Legacy is already moving along rather smoothly. Part of this however may be because Zombasite is being used as an actual base so in loading it up you’ll immediately recognize your home base’s four walls. Within these walls are the various facilities that you’ll need in order to survive the outside world such as a smithy for repairs, a healing obelisk (obvious enough) and the interface that will help you guide the people that are along the ride with you.

At its core, Din’s Legacy is a Hack & Slash and believe me when I say that there is a lot of hacking, and probably even more slashing. The hordes of enemies make the likes of Diablo at it’s worth in Torment 50+ dungeons look like a cakewalk. The main reason for this is that the other can feel like a cake walk is because Din’s Legacy works off of the same scaling factors that its predecessor did. You start at a certain level for the basic enemies and then as time progresses, everything gets more powerful.

Enemies gradually grow stronger on their own but what can make you encounter real problems is that while you are out fighting, or back at the base healing, or finding other NPCs to join your forces, enemies can still kill one another and level up and promote themselves making your life a living hell when they are levels above yours and you don’t yet have the equipment to handle them.

Equipment is more or less locked by classes and features such as having to unlock mail armor, or unlock bows, daggers or swords. You’ll have a fair amount of class choice at the beginning which affect your base skills but there are a lot of open slots for others to be discovered as well as the fact that you can simply make your own which is pretty cool. Further to that, while every play through is random enough with its quests and map layouts, your starting mutations, which are basically other skills that can be leveled up, are just as random so you literally never know what you’re going to get!

So on the overall, if you’ve played Zombasite, you’ve essentially played Din’s Legacy. The biggest difference between the two is that Zombasite is a finished product while Din’s Legacy is looking into new avenues for its style. With Mutations giving access to new and random skills for your classes, there’s plenty of Hack & Slash action to keep you or you and friend(s) going for a while. What will be interesting is to see what comes out of the next patches and if there’s anything game changing that appears once Din’s Legacy hits its Beta.

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Soldak Entertainment
Soldak Entertainment
Hack & Slash
Single Player
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