Phantasmal nearing Kickstarter goal

'Tis the season... for creepy games. Phantasmal looks like it may have some potential, and here is some news on it.

Press release:

Eyemobi, an up-and-coming development studio with a keen eye for terrifying gaming experiences, today officially announced its PC title Phantasmal, an upcoming first-person survival horror game with an emphasis on unpredictability.

Inspired by old-school survival horror classics, Phantasmal features an intricate, randomly generated world, guaranteeing that no two experiences will ever the same for infinite replayability. Players are challenged to be stealthy, resourceful, and quick witted in lieu of direct combat, or else the creatures of Phantasmal will begin to diminish the player character's sanity.

Have a taste of brains -- err -- Phantasmal's gameplay in the newest trailer.

"Phantasmal creates its horror atmosphere by being different and unpredictable every time you play. The derelict university corridors, the Shunned Ones themselves, the weapons you scavenge -- all are different each time you play," said Lead Developer Joe Chang. "A great horror game is one where you never feel like you're in control. By procedurally generating the key content, we're creating a constant atmosphere of dread without resorting to cheap jump-scares."

Phantasmal was recently featured by the world's most popular YouTuber, PewDiePie, and took first prize in the New Zealand Game Developer Association's KiwiGameStarter competition. Dave Brevik, creator of the classic Diablo action role-playing series, was one of the judges of the award.

Phantasmal Key Features:

•Infinite Replayability: Every room and corridor in Phantasmal is uniquely generated with infinite possibilities. No level will EVER be constructed the same!

•Don't Go Insane: Battling the creatures of Phantasmal slowly erode the player character's sanity, diminishing mental and physical states and forcing the player to deal with a fate worse than death.

•Tread Softly: Fighting is meant to be reserved as a last resort in Phantasmal. Sneak past enemies as much as possible, as each action taken will have consequences!

•Carry a Big Stick: When all else fails, players must defend themselves with anything they can find or rip from the walls. With some luck one might find a gun locker, but on each level there will only be one!

•Light, Both an Ally and Enemy: Every asset to survivability has a price. Use light sources wisely, as even a torch can be a liability.

•Death Is Not the End: Death doesn't have to mean "Game Over" in Phantasmal. Experience points are saved after every playthrough -- regardless of the outcome -- allowing players to return with a vengeance.

With just one week to go on its Kickstarter campaign, Phantasmal is frighteningly close to its initial goal. A playable demo of the always-unique thriller has just been added to the Phantasmal Kickstarter page. Gamers interested in Phantasmal can show their support via Kickstarter and by voting for the game on Steam Greenlight. For additional information, and to pledge support, please visit:

Phantasmal Kickstarter page:

Phantasmal Steam Greenlight page:

Phantasmal pre-alpha demo:

Phantasmal is aiming for a release in March 2015, with early beta access planned for Kickstarter supporters.

And a trailer:

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