FPS Creator Reloaded - new version and incentives

We have been giving some coverage to FPS Creator when we previewed it, talked about the demo and had an interview with the team. Well now the latest release is out, and with it come some new incentives as well.

Here is what they had to say:

Reloaded Development News

Last week saw the release of V1.0085. Following swiftly on from V1.008, this build fixed a number of smaller issues as well as adding some rather cool little toys. A new character in the form of a shot gun wielding enemy was introduced and a new trap for the player in the shape of landmines.


The build also saw us begin a second round of performance work, with a large saving being made in the grass renderer. We of course, won’t be stopping there and have begun the process of identifying any slowdowns and taking steps to bring these back up to speed.

We also introduced the first stage of the editor UNDO feature. You can access this in editor using CTRL-Z. We’ll be adding the option to the menu bar soon, as well as looking at expanding this to include more levels and a REDO function.

This build also provides support for our first incentive scheme and for the first time ever allows the player to fly through the use of the amazing jetpack. You can read all about the incentive scheme below.

Community Incentive Scheme

Launched last week, this new scheme invites current pledgers to invite one or more friends to support Reloaded by way of new pledges to the project. If your friend(s) decide to pledge, both you and your friend will be granted access to a special jet pack model with 8 texture variations, 4 of them exclusive to this offer. On top of that, for every successive friend you invite, they get the jet pack and you’ll win 1,000 store points. You can invite as many friends as you like, and so have the chance to win store points, over and over again.

We built the incentive scheme as a tool for our community to help spread the word about Reloaded. With your help we can expand and make Reloaded the best and easiest game maker for the PC. We hope you can find some time to use it.


After bringing the level design competition to a successful close last week, we’d like to congratulate all of the entrants once again for making it a fun and challenging one. We’ve no plans for another big competition just yet, but as this one was so popular, we are fairly certain that another similar event will take place in the future.

Don’t forget, that we are also running a monthly gallery competition where we are offering store points for the most impressive uploads and you could win:
•4,000 store points to the best Reloaded game play video.
•4,000 store points to the best Reloaded tutorial video.
•4,000 store points for the best screen shot.

Store News

It’s been another week of some excellent uploads to the store

The range of media is expanding daily, and is opening Reloaded up to new genres all the time.

Last week also saw the release of the first weapon pack from BSP. You can buy these individually or as a pack, and you can see them all in action below.

Submit your own work to the store

We’re always looking for talented artists to add their work to The Games Creators store, if you think you can meet the standards set by our other store artists, why not register today. If your work is approved, you set the store price, we pay a generous 70% commission and you retain the rights to your work, so you are free to sell at other outlets.

Article by Nick


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