The Splatters 50% off from July 10 through July 16

How was your weekend?  Got anything coming up this week you're looking forward to?  If not, maybe take a peek at Xbox Live's discounted games tomorrow.

I really enjoyed The Splatters when it came out on Xbox Live, and if you want to see my review of the game, you can find it here, where I scored it an incredibly solid 8 overall. 

For the quick rundown of what Splatters is all about, it is a puzzle game at heart with a physics-based engine where you launch The Splatters at bombs to disarm them.  There are quite a few maps and a good deal of variety in the gameplay so consider checking that out.

If you are still looking for more information, you can see a reviews trailer here, visit the SpikySnail website here, including their media page here.

My weekend was made up largely of time spent playing some games with my son (like Halo), and he picked up a few new games for our PS3.  Over the weekend I logged some time with White Knight Chronicles 2 and hope to get a bit more time in on a handful of PC titles over the upcoming week.  What do you all have on tap?

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