Some new Madden 13 Screenshots

I'm a huge NFL fan and almost always look forward to the release of the next Madden game.  Say what you will about the series never updating or doing anything new, but I have wound up getting it almost every year and I am planning to continue that trend again this year.

The new engine for rendering tackles and movement looks promising in trailers and I am sure we will hear more and more about it as the game comes closer to release.  In the meantime, here are some still shots of the actions.


  1. "Say what you will about the series never updating or doing anything new"
    ESPN NFL 2K5...
    Last NFL game I purchased...

    Madden NFL 13...BOOOOOO!!!!!!! I will say though, I'm glad to see them actually making a change, now whether or not that is for the what I'm interested in. It seems that it's almost like the Backbreaker tackle system, which I would think should only help the game and the experience with it.

    So, my closing thoughts on Madden 13 = ESPN NFL 2K5!

    BTW, any news on the other blog that was perhaps going to start up from your household?

  2. Haha - I loved Nfl 2k5. I enjoyed that year's madden as well but I was one of those who thought 2K was better.

    I have heard a few people say that this new tackle system sounds like the Backbreaker game as well. Of course, it looks and sounds good now, but as you said - big changes could be better or worse.

    He's looked at getting it started, but I've been slacking on nudging him. i get the feeling it's one of those things that's not gonna happen until the end of summer at this rate. I just keep getting derailed by things and he seems willing to let me get derailed, lol


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