So, how was the weekend and any plans this week?

So I have a pretty relaxing weekend with lots of gaming.  Finished off Naruto Ninja Storm 2, nearly done with Game of Thrones, almost have the campaign for Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers done and put a sizable dent into Elemental Monsters Online HD.  I also started White Knight Chronicles 2.  I have some new decks assembled for Magic: The Gathering tonight at work I'm looking forward to trying as well.

For the upcoming week, I have only Wednesday off for July 4th but am working the rest of it.  My wife and daughters are headed up north to camp from Tuesday morning through Sunday night though, leaving my son and I to a week of grilling out and video games.  He and I have decided to go through every game we have that has a two player co-op to try and beat as many of them as we can this week, so we'll see how that goes.  I suspect it'll be mostly shooters, but there's some beat 'em ups too that probably qualify. 

What about you?  Have a good weekend?  Have any plans for the upcoming week? (though obviously this week probably means a bit more to our America readers).  Got any games you just put the finishing touches on, are close to beating or are looking forward to starting?


  1. I have no idea why the upcoming week is any special in America (but then again, I have no idea about holidays in general and forget most of ours as well, ending up wondering why all stores are closed most of the time - thankfully my mum usually gives me a heads up before any holidays - otherwise I would have probably starved multiple times already... XD) buuuuuuut... the little one and me will be visiting my granny for a week (yay for summer holidays, wohoo! I almost forgot how much those rock, since I haven't been in school for ages ;>) - before we leave on Friday I have to setup my Notebook (Laptop) again, after my HDD decided to die last week.. ;___; (luckily I still had another 2,5" HDD lying around and at least I was able to install Windows last night already.. now all that's left is installing that shitload of programs and games again... yey... orz)

    I'll probably spend most of the time there working on my game. And go swimming at the beach, wohoo. ...tho I might not, since I hate swimming in the ocean and it's probably too cold anyway. We might also make a trip to Danmark, since my gran lives like half an hour from the borders. :>

    Last weekend I turned off my cellphone, took the batteries out of my home phone and did nothing but watching Veronica Mars, finishing my 2nd play through Meruru and I also finished Chains of Satinav. The ending was a little too obvious for me and could have been presented much better, with more closure, but that's nothing new for Daedelic. I wonder if they'll one day make a game with an ending that pleases me... but then again, I'm rarely pleased with endings in general, so probably not gonna happen. ;> The end of Satinav definitely seems like they intend to make a 2nd game using those characters but still, even if they intended to leave things a little open, the last hour of the game felt pretty.. I dunno. I didn't feel like I had reached the end of the adventure, but rather as if it just started. The pacing suddenly sped up way too much for my taste - oh well, I still loved it for what it was, a great fantasy point & click adventure. With surprisingly likeable character's & VA's and it didn't drown me in all the classic middle-ages inspired fantasy stuff, which is generally not really my kind of thing.

    (like.. Game of Thrones, so not my thing. I clearly prefer sci-fi or urban fantasy [especially anything related to fae lore, with all that evil child switching or maiden drowning stuff, hurr durr]... or just classical mystery/crime/suspense stuff. Like Sherlock Holmes. Classic fantasy rarely clicks with me somehow. I only enjoyed Lord of the Rings when I heard the audio book while I was having a high fever, but gosh, did I enjoy it then. After that the movies were hugely disappointing and nothing compared to me tripping on the books with the fever... 8) The only recent more classic fantasy books I remember enjoying was that two-parter by a German author called Jenny-Mai Nuyen (Feenlicht [fae light] & Magierlicht [mage light]), sadly her works don't seem to have been translated to English (yet, hopefully, as they are damn good) and Kristin Cashore's Graceling (gosh, I need to finally read the other two from that triology)

    I seriously need to stop writing now or else this will turn into an even more massive wall of text.... XD

  2. Game Over Yeah02 July, 2012 17:23

    I completed Super Mario Galaxy 2, well the first 120 stars anyway. Excellent game though I just prefer the original.

    Also went down to the local river and did some drawing with charcoal which was nice despite the weather.

    Just added your Wii code. Mine is 8703 6940 9569 5391 if you want it.

  3. For me it's all about Theatrythm this week - it's the game that has finally made me glad to own a 3DS :D

  4. Thanks disqus for eating my comment..

    I think I played a little Link's awakening, but not much else. Mainly busy paying for car repairs and planning service providers for the new house.

    I also have Wednesday off and hoping to get some gaming in. Good luck with the co-op!

  5. Disqus would like to thank you for it's brief meal. :P Car repairs eh? *shudders* here's hoping you get to enjoy tomorrow!

  6. LOL - loved your impressions on it. It looks fun. :)

  7. I will definitely get your code added. :) It's supposed to be hot and muggy up here tomorrow - and possibly rainy. That may literally put a dampener on my bbq plans so we'll see how that goes. I haven't actually played either of the mario galaxy games. They look fun, I just haven't gotten around to them yet

  8. ROFL - thanks for commenting. I have no problems with walls of text. :) Here in the US, it's Independence Day tomorrow. And the swimming sounds good - no oceans here, but some nice nearby lakes my son and I may have to make use of if it stays this hot and muggy.

    I liked the removal of the cell phone. It's so hard to get away from cell calls and emails at times. I am glad you got to beat Satinav, even though you found the end to be predictable. My own fantasy reading has taken a dive over the last few years. I used to read all of the time - a few books a week, but I just haven't had that time in several yars now - or well I do, but there'd be less video gaming, and the video games win. :)

  9. "Got any games you just put the finishing touches on..."

    In June I finished up Red Steel 2, got it cheap, and wanted to see how the Wii MotionPlus controls were. Personally, I would have preferred if the game was set up more like the original...FPS action, boss battle with Wii MotionPlus controls, FPS action, Wii MotionPlus sword fighting boss battle...(rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat).

    I have been debating on doing a video for it, not sure if/how that will happen right now.

    I finished Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in June, and easily recommend that one to any PlayStation 3 owner that hasn't played it yet, and is perhaps just interested in the series but not sure of it. My neighbor and I are going to do a game swap, after I capture some footage from Uncharted here soon.

    Punch-Out!! Wii, got that as a Father's Day gift, and really enjoying it. Considering the main belts/game can be beaten in under 6 hours (my time anyway), I think the $20 price is right, but considering the game's Title Defense really is pretty awesome.

    "...are close to beating or are looking forward to starting?"
    I'm looking forward to giving inFAMOUS a go at some point, and Far Cry 2, perhaps even Killzone 3 (I think). I also have Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 on the Wii, that I may start up this month as well. Not to mention my backlog of PC games I need to get at, possibly starting with this little game called Cogs; you might have heard of it. :)

    "(though obviously this week probably means a bit more to our America readers)"
    The day is even better in the Coffee House this year, tomorrow will be exciting for two reasons. We are finishing up the birthday plans for later this weekend for the little bean, but it really is crazy how time flies!

    I hope you and your family (even the ones that have abandoned you for camping!) have a great 4th!

  10. "
    Thanks disqus for eating my comment.."

    You know, I used to have that issue more with the Blogger comments, but not so much with Disqus...I can count on more than one hand the number of times I would have an epic comment typed out, be checking it for spelling errors or get distracted...hit "submit" and watch the magic wand of disappearing comments wave in the air, and in that very moment think, "!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDN'T COPY IT!"

  11. Disqus has been very good with not eating a response. Actually I think this was my fault where my network went out and didn't come back when I hit post.

  12. Best bet may be to stay up late tonight.

  13. There is some value in composing it in notepad then pasting in. #Epic3DSXLisaFailPosts


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