Wii U price rumor, hope you had a nice Easter weekend!

A handful of general thoughts coming out of the Easter weekend.  For starters, I hope you had an excellent weekend, whether you celebrated the holiday or not.  My kids?  Properly showered with sugar after participating in a plastic egg hunt.

Next up - I've seen a couple of sites now stating that the Wii U will release at a $300 price point.  Opinions on that price point have been all over the map, with references to the Wii and 3DS being at $250 initially. 

The articles are also suggesting that the price point is being met because Nintendo has chosen an 'economical GPU and CPU' that apparently keeps up with current consoles - but there is no word on if it surpasses them.  Any thoughts on the choice to use hardware that may feel dated as soon as the next Xbox or PS 3 come out?  Or is the graphical crunch not a concern because of the new tablet-like controller (which apparently costs $50 to make, and people have speculated in the past it will cost $80 to replace).

Is the price point too high?  A good deal?  Right about where you expected it?  For myself it's the last - it's right about what I would have expected.  I had been figuring the $300-350 range and this would come in near the bottom of that.  I also don't think the hardware needs to be 'better' than the current PS3 and 360, but the software really has to back it up.  What I can see happening is what occurred with the Wii - strong initial sales for a couple of years, but as it gets outperformed by the PlayStation and Xbox, the Wii U may struggle to keep up.

The weekend was good but busy for me, though I did get some more Kid Icarus: Uprising in while I was at my in-laws.  Initial impressions?  The control scheme leaves me wanting a bit, and the voice acting and the way it is all carried out treads a fine line between corny and humorous.  Still, there are elements to the game like weapon fusion and upgrades that appeal to the grinder in me, and the action is entertaining.  The 3D visuals also look excellent so far.  I'm only about 1/4 of the way through it, my son about 1/2 so I'll have a full review somewhat soon hopefully as the only 4 titles I'm poking at right now are this, Final Fantasy XIII-2 (but only sparingly in the living room, which I don't play in as much), Heavy Rain (which is nearly done) and Elemental Monsters, which is a CCG I got free (I think it's only 99 cents normally) that is providing me with some surprisingly solid filler.

So, I'm curious about your thoughts on the Wii U price point rumor, what you've been playing - that sort of thing.  Lastly, I've been listening to random songs in my music collection and stumbled onto this one from Neverwinter Nights called Confrontation With the Underdark Army that has hit a particularly nice set of notes for me.  Makes me think of grand battles and seems like it would fit in well with an RPG Maker project at some point.


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