What have I been up to on Otaku Gaming?

I'm so glad you asked! (even though I know you really didn't!)

I think one of the more interesting finds I had was about Guardian Cross, an iOS (and according to the Facebook page dedicated to the game - Android soon as well) collectible card game that is both free, and by Sqaure Enix.

Probably the biggest article I wrote was my lengthy review of RPG Maker VX Ac here.  I plan to do another write-up here soon though about it, talking just in general about projects I'm considering with it.

I compiled some screenshots, a video and some thoughts about Chaos Rings II for the iPad as well.

I got an email and shared the findings here about Atlus dropping the price on their PSP downloadable titles from the PSN.  There are some great titles in there, like Knights in the Nightmare and Persona.

And then there was tons of release information, which I'll just bullet out below:

- Information about the Lightning DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2.
- Atalier Ayesha release info here.
- Coming to North America?  Tales if Xillia.
- From the designers of Grandia and Lunar comes Unchained Blades.
- and NIS announced Legasista coming out for the PlayStation 3.

Do any of you find these updates I post to Otaku Gaming interesting or informative?  Not sure if you do or not, so feel free to let me know. :)


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