Indie Gala - similar to Humble Bundle - cheap PC games

I just stumbled onto this deal a little bit ago, but very similar to the Humble Bundle, I found the Indie Gala advertised.  The deal's only got about a day left on it, but includes games like Future Wars and Trapped Dead, and if you pay more than the average, you get additional titles as well such as Grotesque Tactcis and Twin Sector - all but Gear Grinder is redeemable on Steam.  IndieGala3 can be found here.

Here is the press release info I found:

IndieGala makes its third pay-what-you-want indie game bundle even bigger adding the independent comic book "Sonia the Cruel" the action racing game "Gear Grinder", and 4 magic music albums!

"Sonia The Cruel" is a tale about a band o mercenaries in distant lands, where they fight their enemies... and their inner frears. It is a tale about passion, revenge, hate and conspiracy.

"Gear Grinder" is the new incarnation of arcade racing action. Take full control of your powerful truck, mounted with the most deva-stating weapons available, malicious mines and more nifty gadgets, and complete over 45 versatile and thrilling missions!

"Viper EP" and "Remotion Vol.2" by F-777
"Chiptune HEro" by DJ Cutman
"All night Party" By "Electric Children"
Are the 4 magic albums introduced in Gala 3.
A frenetic trip in Cutman's little bit electronica and a little bit hip-hop instrumental,
Electric Children melodic electro-house and F-777 techno-trance adrenalinic vibes.

Those bonuses, together with the original FLATOUT, the much acclaimed destruction racer, and the games Twin Sector and Grotesque tactics, are unlocked fro every customer who beat the average price and for all who will beat it until the end of the sale.

With the IndieGala bundle, customers not only decide themselves how much they want to pay, but also how much of the proceeds shall go to the Save The Children and Child's Play charities. All games in the IndieGala bundle are made available in form of game codes that are redeemable at the Steam digital store.

Following the example set by the first gala, IndieGala extends this great concept to encompass not only indie games, but also indie music. Several independent music albums will be included in the bundle, all of them for who pay above the average.

Included in the IndieGala III are the following games:

Trapped Dead – The 80's horror film inspired isometric zombie shooter
Greed: Black Border – A Hack ‘n’ slash Sci-Fi RPG settled in a futuristic universe.
Future Wars – Strategy game based on proven rock-paper-scissors principles, reopens the genre to everyone.

Pay over the current average and receive all future bonuses as well as:

Flatout - The much acclaimed destruction racer.
Gear Grinder - The arcade racing action Game.
Grotesque Tactics – THE satirical RPG.
Twin Sector – A physics-based puzzle game with First person view.

"Viper EP" and "Remotion Vol.2" by F-777
"Chiptune HEro" by DJ Cutman
"All night Party" By "Electric Children"

The first part of independent comicbook "Sonia The Cruel"


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