What games are you looking forward to right now?

My son likes to ask what games are on my radar coming up, and usually I have a slew of them.  Well, on Facebook Gamersgate had a poll up that asked which of the following titles are you most excited by?  The list?

Max Payne 3
Risen 2: Dark Waters
Binary domain
Sniper Elite V2
Port Royal 3
Darksiders 2
Medal of Honor Warfighter
Assisn's Creed 3
The Secret World

 At the time of writing this, Max Payne 3, Assassin's Creed 3 and The Secret World were all tied for first.  Thing is?  I don't see anything overwhelming on here.  I liked Darksiders well enough that part 2 is somewhat interesting, and The Secret World looks somewhat interesting - but overall I was like: meh.

I have some interest in Witcher 2 for the 360.   I'm really interested in Diablo III.  There 's a few others in the next 3 months like The Last Story, Dragon's Dogma, Game of Thrones and NCAA Football - but none of those were on the list above.  Guess that's okay - it gives me time to plug through my current batch of games.  I get the feeling Rage won't take me long to beat, so I can move onto something else after that on my 360.  But Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Record of Agarest War Zero are slow-going on my PS3. 

What games are you most excited to see over the next two or three months?


  1. Binary Domain is far better than it has any right to be. Really surprised with how excellent it is. Other than that there's not much on the horizon, Rhythm Heaven maybe. I'll wait until E3 to get excited about games.

  2. I agree on the E3 thing - definitely looking forward to it again this year. Binary Domain is one I didn't hear much about really at first, but mostly hearing good things now.

  3. Yep, looking forward to seeing E3 in general even though I'm currently limiting myself to Wii/3DS. I don't know a whole lot about the games on that list beyond some name recognition, but none are really on my radar.

    Out of nostalgia I'd like to see more of Max Payne 3, but probably don't have a PC or console with enough specs to play it.

    Here's some of my current list:
    - Diablo III - Looks good from the demos I've seen; am keeping my eye on it.
    - Legend of Zelda: A link to the past. I know it's 20 years old (*TODAY* for NA) and is the first thing I'm buying when I get my Wii back.
    - New Super Mario Bros Wii (and/or maybe the DS version - am waiting for a good deal)
    - Super Mario Galaxy 2 (deal lurking)
    - Luigi's Mansion 2
    - Epic Mickey - power of two/power of illusion. Just saw these the other day and am interested for later this year.
    - Zelda: Spirit Tracks and possibly Phantom Hourglass.

    ..and there's lots more older stuff on there too.

    Probably will pick up Spirit Tracks and Luigi's mansion 2 more than anything else over the next few months. Then again there might be some good eShop stuff too.

  4. Oh yeah, maybe spirit camera and kid icarus too.

  5. I am interested in Mario Tennis Open, The Last Story, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure, LittleBigPlanet Karting, Heroes of Ruin (I think it will not be good, though), and both versions of Epic Mickey (Wii and 3DS).

  6. Nice lists - there's a few mentioned I hadn't considered like Theatrhmthm: final Fantasy and Spirit Camera :)

  7. Dragon's Dogma, The Last Story, and the new Pokemon sequels! This is a great year to be a fan of video gaming.


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