A free iPhone App - Sketch Nation Studio - for building games for the App Store?

I found this slightly interesting the other day.  I haven't tried it yet - and I don't know anything about the company or the product.  As someone who enjoys fiddling around with game-making (as evidenced by my RPG Maker posts and MUD) - I have to say this is at least intriguing.  Has anyone else heard of or tried this?

I know Gamez did and gave us a good review here.  Just curious if anyone else has tried it yet or not?

Free iPhone App Sketch Nation Studio Lets You Build Games and Sell Them on the App Store

Become a game designer without writing a single line of code!

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Apr. 18, 2012 - Sketch Nation Studio, released today from Engineous Games, is a free game creation tool for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that lets you create your own game in mere minutes. At launch, there are five styles of game, with more coming soon. Players can submit their games as a bona fide Stand Alone App, which is packaged and sold on the App Store for $0.99.This game is the only app that lets users create and release their own apps for fun and profit. Sketch Nation Studio is the fastest, easiest way to create mobile games, and no technical background is required.

In Sketch Nation Studio, you can draw directly on the device using the in-app drawing tools, or sketch out your heroes and villains on paper and import them using the camera. Your original art and games can be shared with other players within the game; try collaborating with a friend to make a game about your gym teacher or your boss! Downloading user-generated games and art costs virtual currency (Sketch Bucks). You start off with plenty, and earn more Sketch Bucks every time your game or art is downloaded. This encourages players to create a rich library of content for the Sketch Nation community. Those who do not wish to create content can also earn Sketch Bucks by playing games or through in-app purchase.

Sketch Nation Studio Features:
  • 100% Free – There’s no reason not to try this universal app and make your own games!
  • Make Real Money– The user earns $0.35 (half the revenue after Apple's cut) for each copy sold; it may not seem like much, but it adds up quickly.
  • Customizable Fun – Mailman versus family dog, miner gnome down the well, flatulent flying fox – the options are limitless!
  • 5 Different Game Genres, More on the Way – Up-Jumping, Down-Jumping, Horizontal Jumping, Horizontal Running, and Horizontal Flying games. New genres coming in future updates
  • 3 Games Modes – Simple mode lets new designers play their first game within minutes. Advanced mode allows users to control and customize every aspect of the gameplay. Stand Alone mode gives users the chance to sell their game on the app store for a revenue share, no guesswork or experience required!
Sketch Nation Studio lets you design your own unique game from your drawings. Inthis free download, you will have access to an endless stream of games hand-made by you, your friends and the rest of the world.

With Sketch Nation Studio, you can be a game designer without writing a single line of code.

Check out Sketch Nation Studio today! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sketch-nation-studio/id506337826?mt=8


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