Gaming News and Notes from 2-2-11

For fans of the Resistance series on PS3 - there's a preview video about the next installment.

My family loves Legos. My son has a ton of them. I liked them growing up. Oh, and there's about a dozen Lego-themed movie adaptation games out here. Including this first look at Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here's a look at Pokemon Black/White - my kids are fascinated by all things Pokemon. We'll wind up owning this I'm sure.

The Last Story for the Wii was a huge hit in Japan. This is one I'm looking forward to in the US.

The Parasite Eve sequel, The 3rd Birthday, is slated to arrive in the US on March 29.

For Kinect fans, there's an interesting new game called Gunstringer that has a trailer out - since there's just not a lot of Kinect games out there yet, despite the unit selling like crazy, any new game news is of interest to their owners at this point.

And for fans of the new DC Universe online game, IGN already has a trailer for the next expansion.

For those looking for yet another reason to consider the 3DS - unsurprisingly there will be a new Mario Bros game.

Interest in Playstation downloadables? Well their half-off deal is done, but there's plenty of new content right now, including Bionic Command Reamed 2 according to the linked article. I loved the first one, but am curious how this will be received. I recall an IGN first impressions a few months ago that was not favorable.

For fans of Demons Souls (raises his hand) there's some info on its spiritual successor - which in theory is supposed to be harder? Good grief...

The upcoming Marvel vs. Camcom game is getting a limited edition fighting stick. A buddy of mine has a Street Fighter one from awhile back. I really really liked it, but they're a bit out of my price range personally.

Last up, I found this sort of funny - but on my own blog an adsense ad popped up for a Magic: The Gathering tactics game (how is I all this card game stuff keeps cropping up in the last 3 weeks for me?). Anyway, I had to give it a shot. The link is here:

My initial impression is pretty favorable. Like D&D Online or LotR Oline - it's free, but to get extra content you have to pay. It's a turn-based tactics game with Magic: The Gathering cards and theming. I may do up a full review on it soon, but so far sunk about four hours into it last night. It looks like it will be released on the PS3 at some point as well and is being brought to us by SOE - the same general group as DC Universe Online I believe. I think to date the Google Adsense stuff has made me a whopping 2 cents so far (retirement here I come) but I thought I would share this unexpected find (there's no reviews of any sort on this game yet that I can find on IGN, Gamespot or Gameinformer - I don't know just how 'new' it is yet).


  1. So, I checked out the Pirates Lego trailer after reading this post...gotta say TellTale seems to know how to handle the Lego part extremely well...keeping the content shown close to the movie, yet adding humor also.

    It's been a long time since I've played any of the Lego games...but we did own the Star Wars games on the GameCube and PS2...but I traded them off a while ago, and should probably pick up the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga edition now that it's under $20.

    Anywho, I'm guessing this game will do well for them, and hopefully be another solid game in the Lego universe.

  2. We had Star Wars for the ps2 and it was our first foray into the Lego brand games - but we all loved it. Thing is, Lego keeps picking up great franchises to do this with. My wife has long been an Indiana Jones fan, so she picked it up when it became Lego-ized, for the PSP and played it quite a bit.

    Harry Potter was a big favorite around our house, so when I got that, lots of playtime with it. *I keep meaning to review that one* Probably the least-popular one overall was Batman, but even then my youngest played that one a lot too. Pirates will no doubt be another one we wind up acquiring - the humor is enjoyed by everyone and Legos just scream 'imagination' - much like the franchises they've modeled the games after so far. :)


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