Gaming News and Notes from 2-9-11

Let's see what's crept up in the last week in gaming news:

Guitar Hero or True Crime fans? Bad news then - those business teams are being disbanded. End of the line for both it would seem.

Blizzard is notorious for making sure their games are incredibly well-polished prior to release, which no doubt is a big reason for their success. So from a quality standpoint, fans of the company (raises a hand) can appreciate their somewhat slow release time. Those of us hoping to see Diablo 3 this year however may be left a bit disappointed as Blizzard promises two releases before the end of 2012 - but that they may not have any in 2011.

Like Tekken? (hand might as well stay raised from the last paragraph) Then any bits about Tekken Tag Team 2 will be welcome. I recall the first tag team for Playstation 2 - it was awesome. This should be good stuff.

Will there be a Kinect Gears of War -on-rail shooter? Maybe.

Like Infamous? (hand still up). Excited for part 2? (hand still up). Want a $100 hero edition? (hand falls quick). yeah, bit outside my price range, but if you're interested - check here.

LG is suing Sony - and trying to keep PS3's from being sold in the US. Yeesh

Playstation Network got it's update - including Stacking, which has been getting good reviews so far. Oh, you can get it on Xbox live too.

The Darkness was a pretty cool shooter, so hearing that a sequel is in the works is good news.



  1. "Like Tekken?"

    Very much so! Tekken Tag was the first arcade game I was probably addicted friends and I would go to our local arcade in high school, and we would play against the guy that ran the arcade(not the owner of the place, but the contract worker with the arcade machines).
    He had the moves down like crazy, and it was our goal to beat him...I think eventually we all beat him at least once, but that was only after many, many quarters had been burnt!

    I purchased Tekken Tag on the PS2, and spent many hours with it...strangely, I can't find Tekken Tag now. I have the game's case, but the game isn't around...

    Anyway, I thought I had commented on this back on Wednesday night...but I guess my switching to only one pot of coffee a day now, and doing homework for five hours that night messed up my ability to hit the SUBMIT button!

  2. Great story - I never actually played it in the arcade. We had a few arcades when I was a kid, but by the time highschool came around, there was only one arcade and it was pretty sad in terms of keeping up with newer games.

    However, that game (and Madden at the time) my roomie at the time picked up a PS2. Very good times, played through that game so many times, with every last character. Loved the last Tekken game too on my 360.


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