A week or so off

Well, I had been doing pretty good getting Wed news posts out, getting at least a review a weekend out, that sort of thing. I will probably be taking a week or two off from posts though. I have a stack of new games I've been playing, and been pretty busy the last couple of weekends with other things. This weekend I have nothing going on though, so I plan to sit back and log some serious game time in and relax. Currently being played: King's Bounty - Legend on my PC, The Witcher on my PC, Monster Hunter Tri on my Wii, the latest Castlevania for my 360 and Fallout: New Vegas and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for my ps3. I need to whittle down this list by 1 or 2 games though I think. Recently played games coming up for review soon include Metroid: Other M, Risk: Factions, the latest Pacman and Space Invader remixes and Faerie Solitaire so I have plenty to come - just need a week or two to get things around for the next flurry of posts. :) Until then, enjoy the 3 most recent ones including Marvel vs. Capcom 3 review. I've been enjoying that game a lot.


  1. If you're playing Monster Hunter Tri online, feel free to send me an email...and let me know when you're playing and I'll see if I can hop on for a while.

  2. Hey bud. :)

    I may well do that, though to be honest I think Tri might be getting bumped down the list a bit. Monster Hunter seems like one of those games you can just keep going at forever (and I'm really, *really* not very far into it) - where as I have several games that I am nearing the end of like King's Bounty and Drake's Fortune, so those are getting the majority of my playtime (and my wife just bought me Tiger Woods 11 for my ps3 as well, so there goes even more time...).

    I'm going to have a ton of reviews in the near future at this rate.


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