Got my coffee and games calender...

Just got a rather nice surprise tonight. I had entered a contest on one of the blogs I follow:

Coffee With Games

Fun site - mostly focused on Wii games, but also posts about topics like the 3DS, PS3 games, deals at One of the few blogs I hit pretty much daily. He had a contest recently with names drawn out of a coffee container (fitting, no?) and I won a free Club Nintendo calender I'll be fighting to keep from my son, and some instant coffee that I've already had to hide from my oldest daughter. A very nice surprise after a long day at work.

My son and I were both just looking through the calender - I particularly dug October - Metroid: Other M - which is the Wii game I spent most of the weekend playing. April was Kirby's Epic Yarn, which my youngest is currently playing - very cool. :) Thanks again!


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