Gaming News and Notes from 1-19-11

So, I'm hoping to try and find some sort of a pattern here. Like at least 1 review a weekend, maybe 2, and to try and do some sort of a news and notes post on Wednesdays. We'll see if I can stick to the schedule and make it 'work', but I'm hoping it keeps things on my page a bit more updated.

So, the big news today was Nintendo and their 3DS announcements. The big talking points were: European launch is 3/25/11 and US launch is 3/27/11. In the US the unit will price for $250, and in Europe the price will be set by retailers. IGN has had a huge amount of content about the various games such as Street Fighter and Kid Icarus.

In related 3DS news, a downer for some people - but the system will be region locked.

In slightly better 3DS news, DSi downloadables will be transferable to the 3DS.

Modern Warfare is apparently experiencing some problems on the Playstation 3 system due to the security breaches. This is only for the Infinity Ward games in the series. How bad is it? In the article Community Manager Robert Bowling suggested that players who are worried about this should only play online with trusted friends. Ouch.

A slightly misleading Gears of War triple pack has been announced. The content is solid for those who don't own the games, but it's more like a double pack (Gears 1 & 2) plus some bonus content.

Bethesda and Bioware are two of my favorite companies (both make excellent RPG games, which happen to be among my favorite genres), and the Elder Scrolls series is a favorite of mine. For those anxious to hear more about the upcoming installment of the series, there is a good interview here about Skyrim's new engine.

Killzone 3 will come with SOCOM 4 beta access as well.

The fairly well-received sequel to The Conduit is coming to the Wii March 22nd.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming to Japan this year. And IGN has some info on the release. Final Fantasy XIII was one of the more divisive releases in the series, and was a title that I myself played and enjoyed, but also had quite a few problems with. It'll be interesting to see how much of the original engine remains in tact for the sequel.

Last but not least, Valve has announced that their Portal 2 release will have cross platform play, and if you buy it for the PS3, you can get it for free on the computer via the Steam service.

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