Kaku: Ancient Seal Winter Update is Live!

KAKU: Ancient Seal originally released into Early Access in May 2023 has a new winter update! 

In the update, players have access to divine gear like the Guardian Shield that gives increased damage or the Ax of Creation which has a chance of restoring 20% max health! Plus, the winter update includes a mysterious letter that may contain gifts! In fact, the floating island has a number of chests, but beware! Some of those chests are clever decoys. 

Other features in the winter update include:
  • Four Divine Gear Pieces - Gear adds extra damage to attacks and ultimate abilities or max health! 
  • True and False Treasure Chests - Discover the real treasure and protect the riches from others on the hunt
  • Winter Trial - Completing the winter ruin trial nets you epic treasure lost by the mystery man. There are several monsters to be weary of!
  • Winter Hunting - Reclaim the mystery man's stolen Christmas hat from sneaky Snow Beasts!
Be sure to check out the holiday content today! 

More about Kaku: Ancient Seal below!

Originally Posted on May 15th, 2023

KAKU: Ancient Seal contains four huge maps, a variety of monster types, and many epic boss battles. Additionally, there are four huge puzzle-solving levels and legions of combat encounters with a vast variety of foes. Scattered throughout the land are countless collectables, such as chests, sacred stones and essences, offering adventurers plenty of reasons to explore KAKU’s world to the fullest.

The game is built around an ancient fantasy world based upon the four elements of wind, fire, water, and earth. Players will take on the role of Kaku, a young man from the vast snowy mountains. After accidentally passing a test, Kaku is forced to embark upon an adventure with a magical flying pig, Piji, in order to recover the power of the elements. Along the way, you’ll have to search for suitable weapons and equipment, and master legendary abilities. It’s now your destiny to face off against powerful monsters that have absorbed the power of the elements!

View the KAKU: Ancient Seal 20 minute gameplay trailer here

KAKU: Ancient Seal focuses on stylish, creative combat

Find your own fighting style with a variety of skills and equipment. Use an arsenal of swords, shields, ranged weapons and elemental pellets to defeat your enemies. Upgrade your abilities for more powerful attacks. KAKU: Ancient Seal allows freedom of expression to create your own road to victory!

Solve puzzles by combining the power of elements

The four elements of wind, fire, water, and earth have their own characteristics, and puzzle solving is also closely related to the power of each element. It’s rumored that an ancient temple lies hidden in the depths of the land that holds the origin of the world: the elemental spirit!

Explore the Elemental Lands

Kaku and his pig Piji will encounter talking stone men, intricate tribal conflicts, and mysterious women with strange backgrounds. In order to allow players to travel freely in the Elemental Lands, there are Crystal Towers available for teleportation all over the world. Don't rely on fast travel too often, as there are hidden secrets in every corner!

Uncover the origin of this world

KAKU: Ancient Seal is set in the ancient continent after the disaster. This world was originally built by the endless power of elements, until the elemental spirits dissipated and the world collapsed, dividing it into four Elemental Lands: wind, fire, water, and earth. By exploring this hazardous land, talking to its denizens and collecting lore, players will gradually discover the truth of the disaster.
Article by: Susan N.



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